How to prevention DPF regeneration may place stress onto your equipment

DPF regeneration can place unwanted stress onto your equipment. As the equipment ages and more regeneration cycles have occurred over time,

this can lead to increased fuel usage, maintenance and downtime. To reduce the risk of these negative effects, it is critical to minimize soot during combustion.

One option for prevention is to use a high-performance diesel fuel containing deposit control additives. If injectors become dirty,

they can alter the fuel spray pattern and timing of fuel injection, negatively impacting fuel combustion and potentially producing more soot.

Powerful deposit control additives can help keep fuel injectors clean. Keeping injectors clean will optimize combustion and minimize undesirable by-products like soot,

and maximizes the interval between regenerations.

The second method of prevention is to use a heavy-duty diesel engine oil. By using a high-quality, low-ash engine oil,

a fleet can increase their mileage intervals before requiring DPF regeneration or offline cleaning.

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