Diesel, The Environment and Fuel Injector Tech

Diesel, The Environment and Fuel Injector Tech

It’s important to note that diesel fuel is popular for more reasons than most generally know about. We all know how it can increase the longevity of your engine; provide great low range torque as well as improving fuel economy. The environment however isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of diesel fuel, however as it emits lower amounts of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide than its petrol counterparts, diesel is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels out there (well, we are talking about fuel here!)

These fundamental improvements have taken place in the past four decades with researchers making diesel fuel more environmentally friendly through improvements in engine design and a focus on making the fuel itself cleaner. All of these advancements have all positively contributed to improvements in the diesel spectrum, but the main advancement and importance lies within the injectors themselves.

New direct injection devices controlled by computers monitor fuel combustion, which leads to better energy efficiency and reduced emissions. A cleaner more economical engine saves you money in the long run and at the pump.

Here at Blue Stars Diesel, we provide a broad range of high quality injectors that improve not only efficiency but overall engine durability. Using our Injectors not only delivers results, but piece of mind, knowing that your pride and joy is running at its best. Also with our informative and helpful team, we can always put you on the right foot.

However its not just brand new injectors that we specialize in, our remanufactured range provides the same high quality injectors, but at a fraction of the price, so if you want to save your pennies to spend elsewhere, Blue Stars Diesel has you covered.

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