The Cause of the Failure of the Single Pump

First, the fault judgment:

Usually: the engine is found to be abnormal or insufficiently motivated. The engine is not evenly distributed at high, medium and low speeds. The rhythmic vibrating muffler emits black smoke and fires. The lack of cylinder in the engine can cause 02112860 the car to consume a lot of fuel. Black smoke, powerlessness, horsepower drop, the vehicle can’t afford speed, the jitter is serious, and the driving noise is increased. And it is very unfavorable for driving safety.PLD1B100 In particular, the slope section is required, the engine load of the cylinder-deficient vehicle is increased, the body shake is more obvious, and it is very prone to instantaneous dead fire.

Second, the engine lack of cylinder operation will bring great harm:

  1. The engine speed and power drop.
  2. Increase fuel consumption and emissions.
  3. Increase the wear of running parts and shorten the life cycle of lubricating oil.

Third, maintenance methods: first check for circuit faults, and secondly check the valve tightness (cylinder compression ratio), if the above checks have no problem, then it is more troublesome, belonging to mechanical aging or damage,02111930 need overhaul.

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