Monthly Archives: January 2019

Pro Stock engine

Pro Stock engine increased block strength over the 5.9L crankcase and a 6.7L block. Further improving strength and reliability, the block’s water jackets are filled with concrete. It’s been machined to accept a girdle, 14mm ARP main studs (vs. the 12mm factory fasteners), cylinder sleeves and fire-rings, and incorporates a one-inch thick deckplate up top […]

Fuel injection has evolved from mechanical systems to a variety of electronically operated (EFI) system

EFI systems employ an electric fuel pump, typically within the fuel tank, to move fuel to the engine at about 40-50 PSI. Fuel pressure is accurately managed by either a mechanical regulator or by altering the electrical commands to the pump. More recent direct-fuel-injection systems boost fuel pressure significantly further at the engine with a […]

Variable geometry turbochargers prone to failure

While variable geometry turbochargers provide instant response at virtually any engine speed and can double as exhaust brakes, their moving parts are prone to failure. Due to being present in the exhaust side of the turbo, the vanes, unison rings and/or actuators are constantly exposed to soot, carbon and grime buildup, not to mention rust. […]

How to prevention DPF regeneration may place stress onto your equipment

DPF regeneration can place unwanted stress onto your equipment. As the equipment ages and more regeneration cycles have occurred over time, this can lead to increased fuel usage, maintenance and downtime. To reduce the risk of these negative effects, it is critical to minimize soot during combustion. One option for prevention is to use a […]

How to maximize the power and performance of your farm’s tractors and save fuel.

Make maintenance a priority. Diligent maintenance can boost performance and fuel efficiency. Clean dust and debris from radiator screens. Over time, dust can reduce the airflow needed to cool the radiator, resulting in excessive heat that can damage the engine and decrease performance. Replace dirty air and fuel filters regularly.  Studies have shown that replacing  […]