How to Adjust the Common Rail Injector Shims?

I believe that the common rail injectors and friends engaged in vehicle maintenance are no strangers to the concept of gaskets commonrailparts during normal use and repair. So what are the adjustable gaskets inside all kinds of common rail injectors? What are the functions and adjustment methods of common rail injector gaskets? In fact, the […]

How to Properly Install the Injector

Due to improper operation when installing the injector, the original good performance of the broken-out injector assembly will result in poor operation or inoperability of the diesel engine. Therefore, when installing the injector, you must pay attention to the following aspects:      (1) The injector gasket should not be leaked. The purpose of the sealing […]

How to Reduce Control Valve Noise

Proper Valve Sizing Proper valve sizing is critical for controlling valve noise. An inappropriately sized valve 9308-618C can introduce noise issues. Emerson has standardized valve sizing techniques and selection criteria to account for factors that contribute to valve noise, so you can trust our products will work in your plant, as advertised. Exit Jet Independence […]

Invitation card from Bluestars Diesel for EXPOMECANICA & AUTOPARTES,Peru 2019

Bluestars diesel ( )has a very good market in the fuel injection industry in Peru and throughout the South American market. The products are widely recognized by customers. We will continue to provide quality products and guarantee the most competitive prices, so that customers can benefit with us. We are honored to participate in the […]