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How To Strengthen The Maintenance of Cars

Improve the level of car maintenance technology Timely and correct maintenance will extend the service life of the car, which is an important part of ensuring driving safety and driving the car’s power. Maintenance companies can take the following measures in the car maintenance process to ensure the quality of service and improve the maintenance […]

How to Predict The Future Trend of Diesel Engine Technology?

From the perspective of diesel engines, there are two or three major trends. Trend one Better fuel economy, continuous reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to improve fuel efficiency, better use of waste heat, reduction of peroxide emissions, and lighter weight, these are major trends that will not change, but emissions regulations will be even more […]

The Differences Between Diesel Engine And Gasoline Engine

1、Ignition method The diesel engine uses a compression stroke to compress the mixture of fuel and air to raise the temperature, reach its ignition point and burn to achieve ignition combustion, without the need for a spark plug. The gasoline engine uses the electronic igniter above the injector to generate an electric spark, which ignites […]

What is a Flow Control Valve?

A flow control?valve?is a mechanical device used to regulate and control the flow of a liquid or gas. Typically, these?control valves 9308-618C are non-mechanical, usually relying on the undesirable conditions of the regulated substance to open or close the valve. Occasionally, flow control valves will be regulated with exterior monitoring devices, such as pressure and […]