How to Properly Install the Injector

Due to improper operation when installing the injector, the original good performance of the broken-out injector assembly will result in poor operation or inoperability of the diesel engine. Therefore, when installing the injector, you must pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) The injector gasket should not be leaked. The purpose of the sealing gasket is not only to prevent air leakage, but also to seal the effect, and also to ensure that the injector has an optimal position, so that the diesel engine can be operated with the best economy and power. If the sealing gasket is leaked, the seal of the injector and the injector seat hole is not well sealed, resulting in air leakage, and the pressure inside the cylinder of the diesel engine is insufficient, so that the starting is difficult or cannot be started. If there is a leaking sound, the injector should be removed to check if the gasket is missing. Do not blindly tighten the injector nut. If there is no gasket or gasket in the seat hole,0445120238 it should be reinstalled or replaced due to long-term use failure. A qualified seal. At work, we found that some mechanics did not pay attention to the specifications of the gasket. When it was found that the gasket was missing or failed, it was free to put a gasket on the old gasket, and some even used other gaskets. It is not appropriate. Because the thickness of the sealing gasket has certain requirements, the thickness of the general copper gasket is about 1.5 mm,BJ6476 and the gasket of some models is thicker. If the gasket is too thick or too thin, it will destroy the optimal working position and working performance of the injector.

(2) The tightening force of the pressure plate nut should be appropriate. The tightening force of the pressure plate nut is preferably such that it does not leak. At the same time, the tightening force of the two pressure plate nuts should be the same, otherwise the injector may not be installed properly, causing air leakage and affecting the spray quality.

(3) Pay attention to cleaning. Not only pay attention to the cleaning of the injector, but also pay attention to the cleaning of the injector hole to eliminate carbon deposits and dust.0445110317 Otherwise, the injector will be skewed, resulting in poor spray or air leakage.

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