Common rail relief valve opening fault and troubleshooting

Common rail relief valve open failure
1. The amount of oil on the uphill is large, the rail pressure is easy to be low, and the pressure relief valve is not easy to open.
2. There is no sensor on the pressure relief valve for the ECU. How does the ECU judge that the pressure relief valve is open? If the rail pressure is reduced to a certain range for a certain period of time, then the pressure relief valve is not open but the rail pressure can be generated because the fuel injection amount or 1110010015 the oil return amount is too large.
3. The condition that the pressure relief valve is actually opened is that the oil output from the oil rail (injection and oil return) is small, and the oil supply from the high pressure pump is large (oil supply). However,1110010017 no matter how strong the oil pumping capacity is, as long as the metering valve is controlled by the ECU is normal and flexible, the amount of replenishing oil can be reduced to a small extent, and the rail pressure is not high.

4. Only when the ECU cannot reduce the oil to the metering valve, the rail pressure will be too high until the pressure relief valve opens.
5, the reasons for this situation: (1). The metering valve is stuck, and the new one may also be stuck, not to rule out this possibility; (2). The metering valve harness is broken, the normally open valve is fully open,1110010020 supplement The oil is the largest and the pressure relief valve opens.

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