How to Reduce Control Valve Noise

Proper Valve Sizing

Proper valve sizing is critical for controlling valve noise. An inappropriately sized valve 9308-618C can introduce noise issues. Emerson has standardized valve sizing techniques and selection criteria to account for factors that contribute to valve noise, so you can trust our products will work in your plant, as advertised.

Exit Jet Independence

Exit jet independence is crucial for avoiding 9308-621C jet coalescence, which will lead to additional noise. All Emerson noise technologies are designed with this critical factor as standard

Pressure Management

Pressure management utilizes the expanding area principle to allow for volumetric expansion of depressurizing gas 9308-622B and safe pressure reduction of potentially cavitation liquids.

Unique Flow Passage Shapes

Unique flow passage shapes reduce turbulence to minimize shock-associated noise and place turbulent shear layers away from solid boundaries to reduce noise.9308-625C The multi-stage pressure reduction, utilized with sound engineering principles, controls jet size, formation, interaction, and accommodates fluid expansion.

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