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8/10/2017 9:13 AM
The car is the most complex industrial product, its transparency has always been poor, the difference is not easy to discuss the extent. The transparency of the design has always been a topic of concern to the design community, as it relates to how the design is promoted as a strategy and how to produce revolutionary innovations. But unfortunately, car design is almost no object of discussion and research. Car design has a very wide range of professional relevance, even the software development, surface treatment, leather textile, and even production Common Rail line planning are closely related with the car design, and each field is a complete independent professional system. Their demands and constraints on the car will clearly limit the freedom and transparency of the design, and designed to meet these needs, their own become more and more complex, the two sides pushed each other's threshold, so that the outside world is difficult to glimpse.

  Mandatory regulation is another reason for the low transparency of car design. Only with the design is closely related to the mandatory regulations there are more than 100, distributed in the early development of the car, late, and even until the sale stage, and often by the power sector testing and approval, which is other civilian industrial products unimaginable. In the design of the deduction process, we must continue to detect the satisfaction of each statute, the designer's creative process is like the mine in the choice of safe forward route, and each can not touch the mines, need to pay considerable manpower And the time cost. Over time, this experience itself has become a highly professional knowledge, become blocking the outside world to participate in the obstacles. One of the most important purposes of emphasizing the transparency of design is the desire to apply the design more to architectural planning and even to the development of the strategic phase, rather than merely Common Rail Injector Valve in the implementation phase of product design. But the disappointing reality of the car design community is that cars have been invented for over a hundred years, and their basic architecture has not changed fundamentally, and the combination of power units and drive units is numbered. The focus of traditional car design is man-to-car control, all security, comfort, convenience design are based on this control can be achieved, or severely controlled by the control system. But unmanned cut off this control relationship, making the design concerns into the car to the mobile space for free use. This change from 'human-machine' to 'human-space' will allow the design to get rid of many constraints and have a similar personal interior decoration.

  People's habits are another negative factor that constrains design becomes more transparent. From the 60s of the last century, the improvement of automobile technology and the improvement of the transportation system have made people's control of the car, and the mutual restraint and adaptation between the whole society and the automobile have become more and more stable and more and more The And unmanned technology to bring the concept of vehicle and the use of model innovation will seriously impact this stability and unity, the pace of technological progress will be far more than people use habits to change the speed. People at a very fast pace to adapt to the popularity of smart phones, and not only that, people are still in the personal intelligence equipment to make more demands on its technological progress has always maintained more desire. But the car and mobile phone, after all, the mobile phone in the user application level need to dock only one power interface only, but the car is much more complex - road traffic and other infrastructure, road parking and other social resource matching, accident handling and insurance, personal safety Common Rail Injector and Legal ethics and so on, casually a field requires a lot of groups of coordination and common progress, than the technical level of progress to be much more trouble.

   Car design is to explore people more convenient and more secure use of the car, the ultimate design must be a high degree of fit with the needs and wishes, more simple and intelligent way to achieve. The commonality of all new technologies is that the engineering and technical factors become more and more modular, background, all the user-related application factors more transparent, open, so that the demand for more direct design.

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