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Method of Controlling Common Rail Fuel Injection Device

The working principle and failure mode of Katepeller CR200

5/19/2017 8:32 AM
1, the working principle

The working principle of the CR200 is not very different from other hydraulic servos.

Injector closing stage: the electromagnet is not energized, the high-pressure oil from the inlet into two separate control valve chamber and nozzle oil sump. Since the area acting on the cross section Common Rail of the armature core is larger than the area acting on the cross section of the nozzle needle valve, the joint force is directed to the nozzle tip at the same pressure and therefore no oil is injected.

Injector injector stage: Electromagnet electromagnetism produces electromagnetic force, electromagnetic force to attract the arm plate upstream. The armature is driven by oil pressure. Control the valve chamber within the hydraulic pressure dropped sharply, so the role of the nozzle on the joint force on the solenoid end, so that the needle began to lift the fuel injection. Electromagnets continue to power, the injector continues to inject fuel.

The injector stops the injection stage: Once the electromagnet stops energizing, the electromagnetic force disappears and the armature plate moves downwardly under the action of the valve spring force to force the armature core to close. Together and then turned to point to the nozzle, the needle closed to stop the fuel injection.

Starting from the electromagnet power, to the nozzle began to inject a certain delay. Similarly, from the start of the electromagnet to stop the nozzle until the nozzle to stop a certain delay. These are Common Rail Injector Valve caused by hydraulic characteristics, and therefore can not be avoided.

2, the impact of gasket on the performance

In front of the above description, CR200 injector internal five important adjustment gasket, namely: valve spring adjustment gasket, air clearance adjustment gasket, lift adjustment gasket, nozzle spring adjustment gasket and needle valve Adjust the gasket. Their thickness and thin will affect the size of the injector fuel injection.

3, the possible failure mode

1) may leak position

CR200 in the course of work may leak points include:

- high pressure inlet due to improper installation or damage to the sealing surface;

- internal leakage due Common Rail Shim to needle-guided wear;

- leakage due to wear of the needle seat surface;

- leakage of electromagnet low pressure oil due to defects in copper gasket;

- In the case of normal control seat surface, there will be a small static leakage;

- In the case of control of the seat surface or the armature sealing surface wear, there will be lead to ineffective injector leakage.


2) Common failure mode

- Wear of the core of the sealing core;

- control seat surface wear;

- nozzle nozzle nozzle wear;

- Electromagnet burned;

- needle valve guide wear;

- stem-oriented wear;

- armature guide wear;

- The control valve inlet is blocked by particles.

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