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1/23/2018 11:44 AM
 French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire will meet with Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner Common Rail this week to discuss the future of Bosch's diesel injector plant in Rodez, the southern city of France.

   The French auto industry and its suppliers have all along been facing the problem of declining sales of diesel vehicles recently, and this is the background for the meeting. As scheduled, the meeting will be held on January 22 local time. Le Maire told Europe 1 Radio: 'I will make two requests to him. The first is to hope he can make a new round of investment in one of two product lines. The second one He hopes he can push production to diversify. 'The Rodez plant employs about 1,600 people and faces a survival threat in the wake of a downturn in diesel vehicles. Since the mass release door was exposed in 2015, sales of diesel vehicles have started to show a downward trend, while consumers are also turning their attention to more energy-efficient new energy vehicles.

   Last year, sales of diesel vehicles in France accounted for the first time below 50% since 2000. The market share of diesel-powered vehicles registered a decrease of 5%, accounting for 47% of the total. The share of diesel vehicles in 2016 was 52%, and the decline in December was even 10%. Five years ago, diesel vehicles accounted for three-quarters of new car sales in France. Le Maire said: 'As we all know, the diesel car market is facing a period of change involving 12,000 jobs in a wide range.' He added that Common Rail Injector Valve in the future will seek the support of Renault and PSA Group. As of press time, Renault did not respond directly to this. PSA's spokesman said the group did not use the injectors produced at the Bosch Rodez plant.

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