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10/12/2017 9:52 AM
2017 sharing economy is very hot, from sharing bicycles, sharing chargers, to share the washing machine, sharing the economy is pervasive to appear in people's lives, people also because of sharing the economy, life becomes more convenient. Sharing a taxi also will be hot, the prospects Common Rail for sharing a taxi can be expected, the scale is showing a double growth trend. With the rapid development of the Internet, short car rental and time-sharing rental market has become the new favorite.

     Shared car rental in the country has been in a state of tepid, with the rise of shared economy, sharing bicycles, sharing umbrellas, shared treasure first to enter the people's attention, making the shared car was once again pushed to the outlet. In the first half of the country there have been more than a share of car rental financing events, the market has more than 370 car companies registered operating time-sharing leasing services. At present, the car rental market is still in the early stages, most companies in the car put on the amount of wait-and-see status, at present, the industry rules are not clear, chaotic order, intense competition, etc., rental companies for the taxi can be profitable Still remain questioned.

   The reason why there is such a large market share of the taxi, first of all, the domestic tourism market continues to grow, Zijia You, with the tour tour market driven car rental demand with the tour market is increasingly popular, more popular by consumers favor; A more good choice. Second, the shared taxi economy is affordable, for some did not buy or temporarily unable to buy a car for the people, the car is more convenient, a way of economy. Again, the number of existing drivers is much higher than the number of cars. It is understood that this year the number of car drivers in China has nearly doubled, the number of domestic car drivers in 2016 more than 300 million people, there is a large gap between the driver and car ownership. Such a huge demand for cars, strong protection of the car market supply. Residents to enhance the spending power and car consumption concept of the upgrade, the use of residential vehicles have to be used to develop, the automotive tool properties become increasingly prominent, on-demand car will become the future trend of the car.

   Although the market but the lack of mature business model, as well as a standardized market competition environment, the entire taxi industry is still in a period of chaos, the market structure is showing a leader, the parties melee situation. Share the car into the players, the big players not only BMW, Beiqi, BYD and many other car manufacturers, as well as SAIC Group's global Common Rail Nozzle car to enjoy EVCARD, the first steam group's 'Gofun trip', Hainan Airlines's second car, and Emerging Internet giant drops and so on. Many companies, rental companies have joined, but in addition to EVCARD lead obvious, GoFun, hope, way song ToGo equivalent to a echelon between the characteristics of manufacturers is not obvious. And in the market driven by strong, it was also happy people worry. In the many players have to share the car at the same time, more resources, financing more powerful players benefit from, and some small and medium enterprises because of office space, parking, charging and personnel shackles, and had to choose to collapse. External factors, including vehicle utilization is not high, supporting facilities is not perfect, parking is difficult, security and difficult to fix many problems also prompted many small-scale manufacturers are facing enormous pressure.

   Policy is good, the market is huge, the influx of capital, the current share of the automotive industry is timely and easy to travel to the Internet travel analyst Zhang Xu believes that with the unmanned development of the future will be intelligent sharing car era, And this may only take ten years. And to solve operating costs, parking and other pain points, not only need to coordinate the property, the government and other aspects of the relationship, but also need a solid financial strength. Whether the central or local government, the development of time-sharing rental model of the shared car is hoping to reduce the purchase of private cars to ease traffic congestion. Share the number of cars placed by the financial strength, which, the government's size control is the key. Recently, the local governments intends Common Rail Injector to control the size of the car to share, so that in a controlled range, so sharing the car will be able to make the best use, not waste, this is the most successful economic sharing results. And to control the good share of the car, the government is the key to the qualification and license.

   The government do a good job of market regulation, 'big players' will have to do a good job financing, corporate R \u0026 D, etc., to form a perfect economic model. The future, with large-scale capacity to build the giant or become the final winner.

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