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9/12/2017 11:05 AM
Time-sharing leasing is a scale economy, time-sharing lease to be recognized, requiring the network to be dense enough, convenient, the ideal state is to do with the loan also with the also There is a threshold of natural equivalent to watershed, after that means that the operating costs of the decline in rental efficiency, profitability increased. This watershed should be a single city layout 8000-10000, if you reach this scale after a lot of costs will decline, such as the previous vehicles in addition to pay strong insurance, but also Common Rail to pay commercial insurance, into the scale can be with the insurance company, or even self-protection Way, set up their own pool of funds, mergers and acquisitions repair some repair shop, their supply of spare parts. At the same time, sharing the car has the value of advertising media, profitability will be greatly enhanced.

   Of course, want to layout in a short time 8000 cars is not easy, the industry said that the first-tier cities license access is still very difficult, want a large-scale expansion of the premise is to solve the license problem, the strength of the more solid enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, Acquire some licensed leasing companies. Gofun said that in 2016 only issued 2,000 electric vehicle license. New energy has risen to national strategy, by 2020, China's new energy production capacity exceeded 2 million or more, in such a short time how to digest? Can only make it a part of public transport, new energy vehicles are not suitable for a taxi, can only do car sharing. Share the field of car players covered car prices, car dealers, start-up companies, real estate, communications and many other industries. Share the car is the future direction of development, the business alone has not done, and now the enterprise is an industrial chain, for example, although the car is not profitable but the upper reaches of the car is profitable; there are car finance Of the company, covered with thousands of cars, car finance has a single.

   Network to take the car okay, if it is connected to a person used the car, it may fall into the pit of the parking fee. Pit refers to a user to the car to the parking lot to go, the next pick up the user will need to pay a person's parking fee. No matter how long, the way song only to a fixed compensation, if the parking time is too long means that the car users to bear a small parking fee. In order not to fall into the pit of the parking fee, ask the car before the car to ask how long, need to pay how much money, if the cost is too high to cancel the order directly. Parking lot of the administrator will be differentiated to share the car, and some administrators do not stop, or let the parking users first pay. There are many companies use fixed-point access to the way, do not encounter the parking fee problem, and can avoid illegal parking, excessive use of public space problems. Dong Jun believes that this fixed-point access to the vehicle with no access to the convenience of remote access. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Committee said Common Rail Nozzle it would promote the Beijing time-sharing rental car network layout, the end of the year before the rental car is expected to reach 2,000. The so-called time-sharing rental car, you can use the phone orders, with the set with the open, time-paid, also known as 'shared car.' Beijing market has gathered the first steam of the 'Gofun trip', music as the car's 'zero to enjoy music', 'once the car', 'treasure drive' and so on more than a dozen share car brand. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, the industry said that in the country, there are no less than 260 cars in operation. Share the car menacing, its momentum beyond the market expected. It is reported that Beijing Municipal Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. has plans to two or three rings more than 40 viaduct under the space transformation as a shared car rental point, set parking spaces and charging pile.

   Time-sharing rental market is a kind of operation, one is to do technical solutions, two are done, as an early project is too costly. A business of only four or five hundred cars, raised the team of 200 people, the average down a person only serve two cars, a person to open wages, social security, etc., rely on two cars to back it is very difficult. The last investor will lose confidence in this business. Micro-car car founder and CEO Yang Yang said that the general new energy vehicle subsidies after the average price of 90,000 yuan count, if you want to recover the cost in 3 years, the monthly cost of cycling around 2,800 yuan, plus charges, parking fees , According to the frequency of 3 times a day, an hour to 60 yuan to maintain break even, but this price is clearly not acceptable to consumers.

   National new energy policy is now required to travel 30,000 km later to get subsidies, which requires the sharing of cars operating at least 2 years, between the two years is not get subsidy money. From the use of cycling efficiency, if a car Common Rail Injector can be used up to 5 to 6 hours a day, you can achieve break-even balance, the current view, Universal car to enjoy the use of vehicles for about 2 to 3 hours, There are some outlets can barely achieve break-even point.

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