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6/17/2017 8:56 AM
Into the rainy season, many owners worry, driving easy to slip, resulting in blurred vision to reduce visibility, increase the risk factor of driving, but also a potential car 'damage.'

       After entering in April, the arrival of spring rain to the earth to bring moisture at the same time, but also to many owners brought trouble. Driving in rainy and unpredictable showers will be more restrictive than usual on visibility and tire braking. Rain driving, remember safe driving, and line and cherish.

Check out before the car

 First check the wiper. It is best to wiper every gear are tried again to see if it is working properly; In addition, we must pay attention to the wiper blade scraping dry do not clean, if not clean, then must be replaced in time. Because the rain driving if the wiper failure, then the consequences Common Rail will be very serious.

In addition, the kind of wear to the limit of the tire is also a rainy day driving trouble, so before driving to pay attention to whether the tire is not normal wear and tear. The most common way to remove the fog generated from the windshield during driving is to turn on the air conditioner. This is because the cold air blowing on the glass, the glass surface to form a 'cold film' to prevent the cohesion of carbon dioxide in the glass, play a defogging effect. You can also go to the auto shop to buy defogging or anti-fog towels and so on. Spray the spray on the glass surface of the car, and wipe clean, in the removal of glass dirt at the same time, you can also form a thin layer of transparent protective film on the glass to prevent the condensation of water vapor on the glass to form a mist layer.
Car insurance, does not include wading insurance, car wading insurance is an additional insurance, need to buy separately. Wading insurance can only claim the engine problem, the transmission and other parts of the car water is not included in the wading insurance inside. Owners in the purchase of insurance when the time, should be aware of the various types of insurance coverage and claims rules.

    Do not open the air in the rain. In the rainy days, low-speed parking, the gasoline by the water vapor, temperature, engine speed and other effects can not be fully burned. When the car stopped but the air conditioning has continued to open, and the doors and windows are still in a closed state, the car can not convection air, the engine emissions of carbon monoxide into the car, it will gradually accumulate Common Rail Nozzle and increase its concentration, resulting in poisoning , And even the bad consequences of death. Second, stop not to stop in the trees, billboards, poles, walls and other high winds, heavy rain, there is a security risk location. Do not stop in low-lying areas, such as tunnel holes, potholes, downhill, overpass, so as not to flood the car.

 How should a car after a rainy day travel?
First, the car dehumidification. When the rain should open the cold, this can not only remove the fog, as well as dehumidification function. Rain stopped even more attention, the accumulation of moisture as soon as possible to get rid of, or prone to mildew and other conditions.

 Second, the vehicle sterilization. After the rain due to temperature and other factors, relatively easy to breed a variety of bacteria, so the interior space for sterilization is particularly important. Focus on cleaning around Common Rail Injector the corner three, conservation chassis. Owners can carry out a 'chassis seal plastic', it can make the chassis and the outside world to achieve anti-corrosion, rust, noise, can effectively extend the body life.
  Fourth, check the brake. As the brake system has a very strong adsorption force, the rain is very easy to enter the brake fluid, which will affect the braking effect, serious may cause brake failure. For the treatment of this situation, after the rain to the professional repair shop to check the braking system.

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