How to care for your Denso diesel injector nozzles

Diesel injector nozzles play the important dual role of determining the levels of diesel needed by the engine’s combustion chamber based on the amount of oxygen being sucked in, and providing the very pathway for that diesel to reach this combustion chamber. Often times the diesel being sent to the combustion chamber passes at super […]

Diesel Engines Competitive in the Long-Term Future

Diesel engines will continue to be viable for the foreseeable future for several reasons. First and foremost, diesel models will continue to account for the overwhelming majority of global medium and heavy motor vehicle engines because they offer greater torque, and are more durable and fuel-efficient than comparable gasoline engines.  Diesel engines also have a […]

How to Avoid Radiator Problems

Your radiator is one of the engine’s unsung heroes. It’s responsible for essential heat exchange functions in your car’s cooling system. Working in tandem with the thermostat and water pump, the thermostat plays an important role in distributing coolant and also maintaining coolant temperature. And when the radiator doesn’t work, things heat up in a […]

Types of Cylinder Heads

Flathead Cylinder Heads: These were the first type of cylinder heads. Flathead cylinder heads simply protect the cylinder block and have no moving parts. These cylinder heads do not allow for an efficient air flow, and thereby provide a poor engine performance.   Overhead Valve Cylinder Heads: These cylinders heads are superior to flathead cylinder heads. Overhead […]