The Differences Between Diesel Engine And Gasoline Engine

1、Ignition method The diesel engine uses a compression stroke to compress the mixture of fuel and air to raise the temperature, reach its ignition point and burn to achieve ignition combustion, without the need for a spark plug. The gasoline engine uses the electronic igniter above the injector to generate an electric spark, which ignites […]

What is a Flow Control Valve?

A flow control?valve?is a mechanical device used to regulate and control the flow of a liquid or gas. Typically, these?control valves 9308-618C are non-mechanical, usually relying on the undesirable conditions of the regulated substance to open or close the valve. Occasionally, flow control valves will be regulated with exterior monitoring devices, such as pressure and […]

Art of Metering valve

Reliable feeding, exact dosages and accurate dispensing mean clean, correct lubrication. The call for maintenance-free operation, with no lubrication services needed, has become a standard request for equipment with moving parts. Lubrication is expected to last for a lifetime of the device. Apart from surface coating and special material match, lubrication materials are commonly used. […]

Solenoid Valves for All Applications

Solenoid Valves are used for a variety of applications and are a key element of any flow control system. Offering fast and effective switching and high reliability in use, our range of Electric Solenoid Valves are designed for general purpose and to fulfil specific roles as well. Used for special effects, urinal flushing, in military airships and […]

Analysis of the pressure limiting valve and its failure

The pressure limiting valve is also called a check valve, a check valve, a pressure relief valve, and a pressure control valve. In motor vehicles, there are four types of pressure limiting valves, one is the pressure limiting valve 095420-0260 of the fuel system; the other is the pressure limiting valve of the lubrication system, […]

Do you know about UPS?

The Unit Pump Systems(UPS)  is a high-pressure fuel-injection system specially designed for commercial vehicles. Series production of the system at Bosch commenced in 1995. As with the Unit Injector System, each engine cylinder has a single-cylinder pump 0414401105 with integrated solenoid valve. This is connected to a conventional nozzle-holder combination via a short high-pressure line. […]

Why Control Valves used?

What is a Control Valve? Control valves automatically regulate pressure and/or flow rate, and are available for any pressure. If different plant systems operate up to, and at pressure/temperature combinations that require Class 300 valves, sometimes (where the design permits), all control valves 9308-618C chosen will be Class 300 for interchange-ability. However, if none of […]