Reasons for Damage To The Needle Parts of Diesel Injectors

The diesel oil is not clean, causing the needle valve to accelerate the wear and closing. The gas turbulence caused by the high pressure combustion of the combustion chamber causes the needle valve fitting to ablate. Improper cleaning, use of unclean cleaning fluid or improper cleaning. The installation is not correct. The gasket at the […]

Pressure Control of Common Rail Injection System

Introduction Production common rail fuel systems are equipped with a closed-loop high pressure control-system that stabilizes the rail pressure within a relatively small margin to the nominal value specified by the electronic control unit for a given engine operating condition. The pump maintains the rail pressure by continuously delivering fuel to the common rail. This […]

Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission Maintenance Skills

The characteristic of the fault diagnosis of the electronically controlled automatic transmission is to first determine whether the fault is in the circuit part or the mechanical part. If the fault light is on, the fault can be considered in the circuit part, otherwise it is in the mechanical part.      When the vehicle is […]

Electronic Control Anti-lock System Maintenance Skills

The electronic control unit of the electronically controlled anti-lock system has a low failure rate. Therefore, most of the malfunctions of the electronic control device are not problems of electronic components, but are caused by poor connection of the wires or contamination of the components. If the fault code indicates that the sensor is faulty, […]

Fuel Injection System Maintenance Diagnostic Skills

For electronically controlled fuel injection systems, the impact of air intake system leakage on engine operation is much greater than that of carburetor type cars. Because on the electronically controlled fuel injection engine, the air leakage is not measured by the air flow meter, and the air-fuel ratio has a great influence. Therefore, in the […]