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12/8/2017 8:48 AM
In recent years, with the support of the national policy, the new energy vehicles have become the development trend of the automobile market. Recently, the new energy vehicles to welcome the good, including Zhengzhou, including more than ten cities to enable the new energy vehicles special plate. Immediately afterwards, the vehicle's limit line also hit Zhengzhou for the first time. Part Common Rail of the pure electric vehicles with the new energy license plate with the second letter 'D' from left to right were out of the limit. These initiatives will further develop new energy vehicles.

   In the context of the rising sales of new energy vehicles and the gradual reduction of subsidies, the new energy vehicles are gradually transitioning from the purchase of car purchase to the car purchase discount, which will attract more end-customers to recognize and purchase new energy products and drive the acceleration of new energy car prices innovation. Free car driving in the streets of the city's pure electric vehicles caused many people's attention, fresh green gradient new energy license plate, it is even more impressive.
    In December, the city issued a notice on the implementation of single and double limit of motor vehicles. Among them, the special license plate for new energy vehicles is a gradient green, with miniature and light pure electric vehicles with the second letter from left to right as 'D' and new energy Car number plate for the yellow-green double-color, the last one for the 'D' medium-sized, heavy pure electric vehicles are not restricted. At a time of increasing awareness of environmental protection, most citizens show a desire to buy more environmentally friendly new energy vehicles.

   New energy special plate, limit the opening of the line, the industry will gradually clear pattern of development. Prior to the new energy car subsidy policy is to promote the rapid development of new energy 'driving force' is to promote the production side to accelerate the promotion of new energy products to attract consumers to buy means. However, with the development of the market, it is not a good idea for the sustainable development of the market to rely solely on car purchase concessions. The emergence of new energy exclusive license plate, limit line, so that new energy car discount gradually enlarged, in enhancing the user experience, can be described as immediate. New energy license plate allows users to distinguish between the use of fuel trucks. JAC Passenger Vehicle New Energy Marketing Vice President Yu Congzu analysis, and now, the new energy vehicles market is driven by policy-driven changes to the market, the future use of new energy vehicles policy will be more stable and more convenient. New energy vehicles license plates and fuel vehicles limited line of market development is a greater positive. From the policy direction can be seen that the state's support and encouragement of new energy vehicles no longer rely solely on the production side, but through the use of end users from the user experience to start Common Rail Nozzle in the future, for new energy vehicles users may also enjoy Free parking and other exclusive car experience. For manufacturers, in order to subsidize the production of new energy vehicles will also become a tangible, production more in line with user needs car is the right way. As a result, the user in the car process can get better benefits and convenient experience, will also force the industry to step forward healthy and standardized.

The new energy field has become the focus of the major automobile brand layouts. Hippocampus, Geely, JAC and other manufacturers have seized the policy opportunities, strengthened their battery life and enhanced customer satisfaction. Car prices and the market will force the new energy car usher in a wave of sales boom. Many service areas on the main expressways of the domestic expressways are equipped with fast-charging facilities. Traveling at high speeds using electric vehicles is not a problem. Many consumers have already accepted new energy vehicles. Therefore, the major car prices, the new energy car market is no longer just promotion, but the strength of technology and user experience contest. Next year, JAC new energy car battery life continue to strengthen, at the same time, there will be two new cars to be listed next year, is bound to arouse more consumers desire to buy. Consumers are from passive choice to take the initiative to choose new energy vehicles. 'Innovation in new energy vehicles is the key to achieving consumer acceptance.' Hu Bin said, 'In addition to the current hot Geely Global Hawk K12, K17, next year will launch a small SUV, in the sale models will also be intelligent system upgrades By then, a new product will attract more customers, sales continued to rise is foreseeable. '

   'With the launch of the new energy-only license plate and the arrival of limit lines, users will also be more receptive to new energy vehicles. After all, the daily convenience is of even greater concern to consumers.' Marketing Director, Electric Vehicle, New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. Zheng Guangwei, although the subsidy policy has been reduced in recent years, but sales are steadily rising. Since the beginning of this year, Hippocampus has sold nearly 10,000 new energy vehicles, which has achieved rapid growth compared with about 1,500 units sold in 2016. Under the influence of the national new energy subsidy policy, the development of new energy vehicles can be described as smooth. From the beginning of 2009, 'Notice on Carrying Out Pilot Project of Energy-saving and New-energy Vehicles Demonstration and Extension' issued for the first time put forward subsidies for hybrid cars for public service vehicles and light commercial vehicles, and the 'Implementation of New Energy Vehicles Promote the application of financial subsidies policy notice ', the new energy vehicles with the policy of' wind 'rapid rise, sales all the way gains across the board. Data show Common Rail Injector that from January to October 2017, the production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 514,000 units and 490,000 units respectively, up 45.7% and 45.4% respectively over the same period of previous year. Although some experts predict that the subsidy policy for new energy sources will continue to come down next year, the new energy vehicles market is enjoying a good spring breeze and the sales volume has no suspense.

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