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10/11/2017 8:54 AM
 Even if the 'cheat' event, subsidies and so on the new energy vehicles so that the development of new energy vehicles can not pass all the way, then no one will deny that it is already an important direction for the development of the automotive industry, and in accordance with industry expectations, 2030 new energy vehicles will be expected Common Rail to occupy the car The total output of 40% to 50%. In this context, the new energy auto parts this huge 'cake' is also increasingly attractive, attracted many inside and outside the industry sniper.
     2016 related to the new energy auto parts related investment cases there are nearly 100, of which participants from the industry outside the investors, there are only a single industry positioning in the new energy auto parts business. In addition, those who would have been active in the field of automotive industry, the traditional auto parts enterprises have become a force which can not be ignored, the face of this market new opportunities, gearing up, eager. For the traditional parts and components enterprises, to enter the field of new energy vehicles there are many ways, such as the newly opened new energy automotive business sector, and new energy vehicles to reach a strategic cooperation and the acquisition of new energy auto parts enterprises and so on. Of course, from the past two years, more companies tend to adopt the way of mergers and acquisitions to the new energy automotive market in-depth understanding, and its own technical route to quickly extend. Specific cases, Borg Warner, are wins electronics, cloud power and other domestic and foreign parts enterprises have tried this way. Just over time, BorgWarner was blended to buy Sevcon, a new energy vehicle control and battery charger manufacturer, for about $ 200 million. It is clear that BorgWarner's move is intended to bring more new energy vehicle technology to meet the current market demand. However, the industry should know that this is neither BorgWarner in this area the only one acquisition, nor is the largest one.

    As early as two years ago, before and after July 2015, BorgWarner spent $ 950 million on the acquisition of Remy International, bringing the company, which supplied alternators, starters, powertips and other products into the bag, At that time, BorgWarner in the field of new energy began to grow rapidly. As we all know, BorgWarner's previous positioning is a global component manufacturers, mainly to provide the engine and power transmission components and systems, and in the acquisition of Remy, it is no longer the traditional sense Common Rail Nozzle of the parts supplier , To become a provider of internal combustion engine technology, hybrid and electric technology, including the drive system technology suppliers. For the new energy auto parts hot, Borg Warner can be said early expectations, and this acquisition of Sevcon company, not only that its layout in this area is further accelerated, but also enough to prove its development for this business The determination. It is understood that Borg Warner said at the end of last year, the next seven years, the company's traditional car field growth of 5%, hybrid growth of more than 50%, pure electric growth of more than 50%.

   In the past two years, new energy parts and components enterprises, in addition to the above mentioned traditional parts and components enterprises, as well as from upstream and downstream to enter, but also from the real estate, steel, fire, home appliances and other areas of cross-line over. Industry outside the two forces can be said to have their own advantages and disadvantages, the supernatural powers. But many people in the industry to reflect, compared with the traditional parts and components business, outsiders of the automotive industry, the technical characteristics and development of the law is not very understanding, although with financial advantages, but in the development of core technology is also lacking, and this, Traditional auto parts enterprises more advantages. New energy auto parts technology among the battery, motor, electronic control technology is the most core. At present, the layout of the power battery is not uncommon, and in addition, the motor, electronic control and other related core technology has gradually become the main force of some enterprises at this stage, BorgWarner is one of them The Electronic Drive Shift Bridge eGearDrive. eGearDrive transmission electronic drive axle with efficient gear mechanism, compact structure, low weight. Through the efficient gear drive and compact and lightweight design significantly extend the mileage of electric vehicles, thereby reducing the car's battery capacity requirements. In addition, the system also shows a high torque performance, bringing a smoother, quiet driving experience, can be widely applied to all types of electric vehicles, including high-performance electric sports car, electric bridge and electric commercial vehicles. It is worth mentioning that BorgWarner on this basis launched eGearDrive transmission electronic drive bridge + integrated solution eDM.

    Advanced high pressure air cockpit heater (PTC). Prior to May this year, BorgWarner recently developed an advanced high pressure air cockpit heater (PTC) for waste heat independent heating solutions. This lightweight heating solution enables rapid heating of the cockpit with low noise and quickly removes frost on the windshield, while providing a stable airflow and creating a comfortable car environment. In addition, this compartment heater incorporates a series of safety functions to ensure safe operation in the event of any failure of the vehicle. The results of BorgWarner in the automotive sector are not limited to the above. According to its official summary, in the acquisition of Remy Motor, the hybrid, Borg Warner have developed Common Rail Injector a series of electric drive technology, including light mixing, mixing, bullying and other hybrid technology and plug-in hybrid technology; pure On the electric side, there are currently related technologies such as Remy motors, transmissions, thermal management, and power battery management systems.

   If the development of new energy vehicles is due to hot parts of the field is fruit, then the rapid growth of new energy auto parts area will also usher in the industry inside and outside the share of the continued influx. In the future, this market competition will be more intense, and participants will naturally inevitably experience the 'Ebb Tide' process.

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