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6/16/2017 8:37 AM
In the consciousness of many owners, maintenance is nothing more than the replacement of three filters, oil and other consumables. In fact, in the process of running the vehicle, many parts are constantly wear and tear, in addition Common Rail to routine maintenance should pay attention to change on time.

  Ignition line: the engine is running, the ignition line is often tens of thousands of volts of high voltage pulse current, it works for a long time in high temperature, dusty, vibrating environment, inevitably to aging or even damage. Therefore, it is the same as the spark plug, but also need to frequently replace the consumables.

  Brake disc: brake shoe wear, brake disc will have some wear and tear, but many people in the maintenance of vehicles only pay attention to change the shoe, but often overlooked to replace the brake disc. In general, the brake disc should be replaced after 2 to 3 times of replacement of the brake shoe.

  Generator bearings: Some components as long as the provisions Common Rail Injector of maintenance, its life can be greatly extended, the generator is one of them. In general, when the vehicle driving 60,000 to 80,000 km, it should be overhaul about the generator, in addition, the pump, steering pump, air conditioning compressor bearings should also be regularly checked.

  Alloy joints: long-term vehicles in the high temperature, high humidity, bumpy environment to run, some copper - zinc alloy connector is likely to produce loose, rust, bad contact and other failures, therefore, in routine maintenance, should focus on checking the car Computers, sensors, fuel injectors and other components of the joints.

 Shock absorbers: oil spills are a harbinger of damage Common Rail Shim to the shock absorber. In addition, the bumps on the bad roads are significantly exacerbated or the braking distance is longer.

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