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4/19/2017 4:59 PM

Denso (Denso) company in 1995 launched the world's first common rail system for trucks, introduced in 1999 for the car's common rail system (HP2 oil pump), then in 2001 launched the use of HP3 type lost Fuel pump (a smaller, lighter, higher oil supply pump) Common Rail system, in 2004, launched a HP3-based three-cylinder HP4-type oil pump common rail system. HP3-type oil pump is mainly installed in cars and small trucks, HP4-type oil pump is mainly installed in the medium-sized trucks.

Nippon Denso's ECD-U2 series of high-pressure common rail system was first used in Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan and other auto companies on the truck diesel engine. In China, ECD-U2 is mainly used in Common Rail Injector , tin, diesel, diesel and other diesel engines.

The composition of the low pressure oil circuit is similar to that of Bosch common rail, which consists of fuel tank, oil pipeline, fuel filter (oil and water separator), oil pump, Common Rail Shim fuel filter (if necessary) and so on. Fuel Pipe Arrangement of WD615 State Ⅲ Common Rail Diesel Engine in Heavy Duty Truck

Description: The fuel filter is not equipped with a hand pump and a hand pump is located on a high pressure pump.

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