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Let the car chassis loose reason

1/11/2018 9:29 AM
Open a long car, it is inevitable that there will be loose chassis. These problems Common Rail and usual driving habits, traffic conditions, age are closely related

1. The traffic led to suspension damage

Suspension system includes connecting rod, spring, shock absorption and balance bar. When the wheels come into contact with the ground, they will vibrate through the uneven road and the suspension will move up and down to absorb the vibration from the ground. Long-term driving rough road, will cause some damage to the suspension, resulting in a loose feeling on the chassis.

2. Connecting rod and rubber body aging caused by abnormal sound

Most chassis loose or abnormal sound, almost from the connecting rod and connecting the body caused by rubber aging. Long-term bumpy movement inside the suspension, connecting rod and the body, it will release heat. Just like the joints in the human body, aging will inevitably occur over time.

3. McPherson's hanging appeared volume

McPherson's suspension looks simple, but the power is great support. A large part of the power through the rubber sleeve connected to the body, as well as steering rod ball if there is Kuang volume, but also on the driving feel some loose, and even abnormal sound.

4. Balance bar rubber sleeve aging

Suspension of the balance bar, is to prevent the vehicle a serious roll, maintain the balance of the vehicle, in order to better handling and design, the balance bar is also a fulcrum force, if the Common Rail Injector Valve above aging gum sleeve, will produce creak twist Twisted abnormal sound.

5. Personal driving habits lead to accelerated aging of components

Some experienced old drivers, the master if the suspension of a damaged parts, there must be feeling, if there is damage to many parts, the car must be open up a very awkward, or even the feeling of casual. These problems may be real aging, of course, individual driving habits also have a certain impact, and even the quality of the vehicle caused by many factors Kuang volume.

If you find the car above these loose or abnormal chassis problems, it is recommended to go to the auto repair shop to let the teacher look carefully, let them find something for you carefully, many minor problems do not repair may be caused Big problem myself.

Extend the hanging life, driving habits should pay attention to what?

1, reducing the road to the teeth, which is a very damaging behavior suspension.

2, over a number of pits, deceleration zone attention to keep low speed, reduce the damage on the suspension.

3, and then for example, pay attention to the direction Common Rail Injector of the parking back to the positive, the best parked on the ground, not a tire pressure on the road, a tire on the ground.

4, with daily attention to some car habits, delay your car's suspension life that is necessary.

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