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How To Regularly Maintain Common Rail Injector Test Bench

8/10/2018 4:25 PM  | Author: Henry
From ancient times to the present, many expensive products or a lot of rich people are maintaining the things they need to care for. Today we came to chat with everyone about whether the common rail injector test rig also needs to be Maintenance, With the current economic development, the automobile industry has generally spread all over the country. Does the increase in the auto industry mean that the development of the auto industry is better? we told everyone that the answer is yes, use high voltage Common rail test bench should be checked before the fixed or not, the working environment should be clean, high pressure common rail test bench, in particular, the joints of the injector should be wiped clean, and then add precipitation for more than 48 hours of No. 0 light diesel oil, is strictly prohibited Qualified diesel. At present, the domestic high performance common-rail test rig for test equipment with good performance/price ratio, and the main drive adopts the latest frequency control technology, which has the advantages of high reliability, low noise, obvious energy-saving effect, large low-speed torque, and multiple protection functions.

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