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8/9/2017 11:56 AM  | Author: Henry

How does dynamic braking work on a diesel locomotive?

During dynamic braking the energy from locomotive will run traction motors ,so they will generate electricity, which will be dissipated in the form of heat through resistors usually fitted on the top of loco. In the meantime loco will slow down because you are not supplying any power to loco.

Basically the dynamic braking system is a reverse of the power system.

Under normal powering mode, the generator is turned via mechanical energy to create electrical energy. That electrical energy it sent to the traction motors and converted back to mechanical energy and the wheels turn.

Dynamic braking reverses the process. The traction motors become generators that are turned mechanically by the rotating wheels. The electricity formed is then sent to what I call the toaster - resistors that convert the electrical energy into heat that is vented to the atmosphere. Much like how a toaster or a electric space heater works.

Since it takes force to turn the traction motors as generators, that resistance acts as a braking force upon the train.

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