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12/5/2017 2:44 PM
Electricization and automation have become the development trend of North American transportation industry, and technological innovation will bring far-reaching economic and social impact
    US electric car maker Tesla Motors Corp. recently unveiled its first Semi-electric semi-powered truck Semi with self-driving capabilities in California. The emergence of this landmark product has once again proved: electrification and automation Common Rail has become the development trend of North American transport industry, and technological innovation will have far-reaching economic and social impact.
     Trucks' energy consumption and emissions levels are much higher than those for domestic cars, so Tesla's introduction of electric heavy trucks has far-reaching implications for energy and environmental protection. According to the recent annual global energy outlook report released by the International Energy Agency, it is estimated that the demand for crude oil from trucks, especially heavy trucks, will continue to grow by 2040, though the demand for crude oil for passenger cars will decline. The electrification transformation of the freight transportation industry is even more significant than the normalization of household cars for reducing the demand for crude oil and reducing the emission of pollutants. The world's major auto manufacturers and technology companies have collectively 'betting' electric truck transformation. At the North American Commercial Auto Show in September this year, Cummins, a famous American engine maker, introduced AEOS, a pure electric truck concept. After the assembly of 3 batteries, the car mileage up to 480 km. German Bosch Group and car maker Nikolai also jointly launched a can output 1000 horsepower hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck. Mitsubishi's brand Hibiscus is launched a battery life of nearly 130 km pure electric city light truck.

   It is the key intersection of traditional energy and new energy technologies. He said it is possible to launch a commercial pure electric truck as battery costs continue to drop and power output continues to rise, with Toyota's first hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck currently in road test in California, the United States. Liquid hydrogen fuel can travel 320 kilometers, mainly to serve the transport needs of Los Angeles Harbor, in order to reduce air pollution in Los Angeles. At present, most of these electric truck is still in the early stages of testing, Lamborghini said that to conduct a comprehensive commercial promotion still need to overcome the difficulties , Especially the Common Rail Injector Valve cost of the battery.In a recent conference, Musk did not disclose the price of Tesla electric truck, but he stressed that although the high cost of electric truck manufacturing, but compared with diesel heavy truck, but the use of cost Much lower fleet-intensive driving with autonomous driving will further reduce the cost of using Tesla's heavy truck in the future Tesla heavy truck All-in-one standard autopilot technology will allow the fleet to travel with extremely small distances, Since the first car can bear almost all of the wind resistance, the energy consumption of the second car is also on the rise reduce.

  In September of this year, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an autopilot bill and distributed to major manufacturers quotas for 100,000 autonomous vehicles per year by 2020. At the same time, the Senate is also discussing whether to include automated driving into the legislative framework. Analysts believe that compared with the domestic car, heavy truck automatic driving will bring more direct economic impact. Many U.S. states have already begun to allow manufacturers to conduct road tests. For example, in October last year, the US auto-driving research and development company Otto added autopilot equipment to a Volvo heavy truck that successfully carried over 200 kilometers of interstate traffic with a full-vehicle Budweiser. At present, more than 4,000 people die of truck accidents each year in the United States. The realization of heavy truck autopilot can not only significantly improve road safety, but also improve labor productivity in the transportation industry, bringing about revolutionary changes Common Rail Injector to the transportation industry and greatly improving the overall economy effectiveness. On the other hand, automation may also take away the work of the current 3.2 million truck drivers in the United States. In a May study this year, U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs said that once the automatic driving technology is mature, the United States will lose 300,000 truck drivers a year or so.

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