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Geely S1 configuration first take the new 1.4T engine

10/13/2017 9:15 AM
Geely owns Bo Yue, Vision X1, Vision X3, Vista SUV and Imperial GS and other variety of SUV, during the year will also launch cross-border SUV Geely S1. Geely Although the same as the Imperial GS are cross-border SUV, but this car Common Rail has adopted a new hardcore aesthetic design language, the appearance is more tough. In addition to loading G-Netlink3.0 intelligent car system configuration, the new car will take the lead in the use of the new 1.4T engine. It is understood that the new car will be officially opened in late October pre-sale.

    Geely S1 equipped with a wealth of intelligent technology, using the popular 8-inch high-definition full-touch capacitive large-screen and leading the same level of full-screen Colorful combination of intelligent instrument, integrated a number of features. Built-in new G-Netlink3.0 intelligent vehicle system, support CarPlay + CarLife intelligent dual-machine interconnection, but also to achieve intelligent voice interaction, high German intelligent navigation, millions of library music, remote monitoring and many other features, can provide more Excellent driving experience. With the mobile phone as an indispensable part of life, Geely S1 is also intimate with the mobile phone APP remote monitoring function, through the mobile phone APP can be remote control of the vehicle to achieve the view vehicle status, remote lock car \u0026 shut the window, remote start Common Rail Injector Valve the engine And air conditioning, auxiliary search and other functions, more convenient worry. It is worth mentioning that Geely S1 is also equipped with a high-definition integrated driving recorder, to better protect the interests of owners and reduce the cost of loading the recorder.

    Geely S1 also provides ESC electronic stability control system, HAC ramp support, HDC steep slope slow down, HBA brake assist, TPMS intelligent tire temperature tire pressure monitoring system and other active safety system, with 6 airbags, high strength steel cage body Built a passive security configuration, you can achieve a full range of user safety protection. In the front face design, Geely S1 first half of the grid with the headlamps connected to the design, modeling inspiration from the subduction state of the hawk, with aggressive and explosive. Headlamp design inspired by the Hawkeye, the lamp within the full LED light group rich sense of science and technology. Under the grille at the use of through-type design, from the attack state of the tiger's shape so that the front face looks more aggressive.

   S1 side of the smooth flow of front lines, from front to back through the entire side of the lucky S1, to create a forward subduction attitude. The tail design shows a design language consistent with the front face, a horizontal uplift feature line in the rear window, stretching Common Rail Injector the visual height and width while creating a sense of power. Taillight design from the ancient 'warrior', but the line is more scientific and technological sense also enhanced the brand recognition.

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