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9/11/2017 8:59 AM
The world's car prices really is tens of millions, and these car companies under the car brand is numerous, and in this many car brands, there are many brands in the truck and passenger cars have two models Common Rail Of foreign production of both car and the production of truck brands.

   Hyundai Motor is Korea's largest auto company, is currently one of the world's 20 largest auto companies. Hyundai cars include ordinary cars, sports cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, etc., and passenger cars in the country with the Beijing Automobile joint venture, production we are familiar with Elantra, Sonata, wins and other models. Modern trucks so that people are most familiar with the modern record tiger this heavy truck, the current joint venture in the domestic production of modern car standard truck tiger and Sheng figure this heavy light two large strains. But because of the Sade problem, the Korean car is now in the domestic sales drop again and again, whether passenger cars or commercial vehicles, are not the economy.

  Mitsubishi has two cars is a sport utility vehicle in the Big Brother Pajero, a Japanese national treasure four-wheel drive car Lancer EVO. Have seen the text of the D people will not be unfamiliar to the rattan Jingyi that EVO3, it allows Fujiwara extension of the AE86 in the autumn of the mountain burst cylinder. Now the domestic Mitsubishi car mainly by the joint venture with the southeast car, Lancer wing of God from the hands of the southeast of Mitsubishi, and Jin Hyun is from Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi truck is known as the hibiscus, the liberation of six flat firewood, early Liu steam by Long Ping head truck shape is copy Mitsubishi Fuso truck, Mitsubishi Fuso also left a very deep impression on the people. Now the hibiscus truck, Daimler is a sub-brand, the mainland is rarely able to see the new hibiscus truck.

  Toyota as the world's largest car company, also has its own truck brand - Hino. Hino trucks over the years with its good reputation to export to many countries, the domestic Hino is a joint venture with the Guangzhou Automobile Group production, but recently in the domestic sales and not much improvement. Toyota's car in the country with FAW and Guangzhou Automobile have a joint venture, overbearing, Lu Patrol, Corolla, Reiz, Highlander, RAV4, Camry, Rayling

  Isuzu this brand in the domestic impact is really no less than the liberation of Dongfeng these local brands, Isuzu in the domestic joint venture brand is Qingling Isuzu, the recent frequent appearances of the giant card heavy truck, Isuzu recently launched heavy truck models. Speaking of Isuzu car, you may know not many people, but Isuzu really have their own passenger car models.

  Nissan in the world's fame is a big, a GTR how much super-run frightened, but also the Infiniti high-end brand blessing business car. Nissan in China and Dongfeng joint venture, Dongfeng Nissan production Sylphy, Tiida, Qijun, Xiao-off car is also won the people love. Nissan also has a truck company, but now has been vested in the Volvo Group, but a company under the Volvo, and officially changed its name to UD. Dongfeng classic EQ153 models, on the use of Nissan Chai Eagle technology, and now the Denon also Nissan Chai technology. Nissan truck is now the latest model called UD cool Teng.

  American brand - Ford. Ford is also a century-old brand, Ford Focus, Mondeo, Taurus, wing tiger, shake the road are very famous. Ford in the country with two Chinese companies joint venture, namely Chang'an and Jiangling. Changan mainly for the Chinese market for the production of Ford passenger cars, and JMC manufacturing Transit, special Shun, Way Rui Europe Common Rail Nozzle and other business models. Ford's truck, the most famous is the F series of pickups, but Ford also has a heavy truck brand - Cargo. Ford Cargo heavy truck headquarters in Turkey, the car in South America and Eastern Europe sales are very good, this car is currently being introduced into China JMC heavy truck, but the JMC JMC brand.

  Iveco is the famous Italian car brand, Iveco no car or SUV, but Iveco Daily this MPV, many people will be converted into a caravan by Ivea, so barely by Iveco also made a ride it. Iveco's light bus in the country's first popular in the country with the SAIC joint venture. Iveco's truck is one of the seven largest truck brands in Europe, and its most high-end truck Hi-way is also exported to China. And Iveco technology Hongyan Jies in the country also have this certain market, the car's cab, chassis, power are used Iveco technology.

  Renault is also a size of the car brand, Renault's passenger cars and commercial vehicles have not belong to a company, but still hanging the same sign. As a romantic country, one of the French car, Renault car in Europe's position plays a decisive role. In China, Renault is also a joint venture with the East wind, the streets running Reynolds off most of the Eastern wind is made. The Renault truck is now part of the Volvo Group, Volvo Group is a truck company. Renault's truck Magnum, Promim and T series are currently the most talked about, and Renault trucks are rare in China. Dongfeng Tianlong Fengshen dCi engine from the Renault truck engine technology.

   Volkswagen Passat, Magotan, Sagitar, Golf, Polo, Tiguan, Phaeton, Santana, Jetta, Sunny, etc., the public once became China's god car, the Chinese people really recognize the public, probably that year Santana planted poison The Volkswagen in China there are two joint ventures, one is Shanghai Volkswagen, manufacturing Volkswagen and Skoda brand; the other is FAW-Volkswagen, manufacturing Jetta, Polaris, golf and other parts of the Audi. Volkswagen trucks, at least no one seen in the country, this truck has never been introduced in the country. Volkswagen truck in Brazil, the production of trucks mainly in the South American market, used to look at European trucks and domestic trucks, at first glance to see the public heavy truck, really a bit not used to.

   In 1969, Scania-VABIS and Saab (SAAB) merged with the establishment of Scania - Saab company, this time the Sphinx Eagle marked was suspended until 1984, the Lionhead logo once again enabled, whether it is Scania truck or Saab car, share a standard. 1995, Scania independent into a company, began to change the car standard, that is, we now see the car standard; and Saab 93,95 platform, the core technology is China's Beijing auto acquisition, 2010, General Saab sold The Dutch Spyker car. Have to say, Saab car with its truck brand Scania, are their own field a rare good car.

   Volvo passenger car is now a subsidiary of China's own brand Geely, after we can be proud to say that Volvo car is a Chinese brand. Although the words are so to say, but the Volvo high-end models are still produced in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the owner did not change the original idea, the safety of Volvo cars will always be carried. Volvo Trucks are definitely not a subsidiary of Geely, and it is part Common Rail Shim of the Volvo Group, producing the world's most high-end commercial vehicles. Volvo truck FM is the domestic truck drivers are more familiar and more common models. Volvo trucks have FE, FL, FM, FH, FMX and other lines, covering a variety of truck models.

  Mercedes-Benz fight history, fight technology, fight comfort, fight grade, as if no car can compete with Mercedes-Benz, the most important thing is that people also made trucks, made out of the truck is also ringing in the world, Mercedes-Benz truck new Aktuo Sri Lanka will soon enter the Chinese market, and in Europe, this car has long been rotten street. Can make all the car manufacturing and business made Mercedes-Benz like this, really rare, the world car Big Brother really extraordinary.

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