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Method of Controlling Common Rail Fuel Injection Device

EPC X1 injector oil volume adjustment and Bosch piezoelectric injector disassembly

4/21/2017 4:09 PM

The first is the electrical equipment X1 injector structure and oil adjustment method;
The second is Bosch Piezoelectric injector disassembly points.
More than two problems often pump friends in the common rail home on the platform asked, in this together to answer, thank you pumper's positive inquiry.
First, Denso X1 injector structure and oil volume adjustment
Denso X1 injector used in non-road excavators, such as Komatsu digging machine injector 095000-1211.
1, the basic structure of electrical equipment X1
Pumps still remember the Common Rail home to share with you the following X1 injector structure diagram?

The main difference between the X1 and G2 / G3 injectors is at two points: the armature assembly and the valve plate.
1) armature components
The G2 / G3 injector's armature and armature discs are integrated, while the X1 injector's armature and the armature guide are separated, collectively referred to as the two-way valve TWV. During the course of work, the armature discs remain intact. With the solenoid valve current on and off, the armature up and down movement to achieve the seat hole opening and closing.

2) valve plate
The valve piece of the G2 / G3 injector is a part, and the diaphragm of the X1 injector is a component that is divided into two parts: upper and lower valves.

Among them, the upper valve has a seat hole, the valve is processed on the oil inlet and oil inlet. The two together constitute a valve components. This separation can reduce the difficulty of processing the valve.
2, Denso X1 dismantling
X1 injector disassembly order and method and G2 injector disassembly similar, here is no longer tired.

A total of four parts can play the role of regulating the amount of oil, namely:
1) armature lift gasket: it is used to adjust the size of the upper and lower armature movement distance, called the armature lift;
2) valve spring seat cushion: it on the one hand as the armature and the valve spring connecting parts, on the other hand, the step thickness also play the role of the size of the spring spring preload;
3) nozzle spring gasket: it is used to adjust the size of the Common Rail Nozzle spring preload;
4) pressure mandrel: it is connected to the oil nozzle on the one hand and control the stem, on the other hand, its length directly affects the size of the fuel injector, especially the full load of oil.
3, electrical equipment X1 oil adjustment method
EFI X1 injector common failure modes include:
1) armature core seat surface sealing surface wear;
2) armature core wear;
3) armature disc guide with the armature core or tightening screw sealing surface wear;
4) valve flow hole wear;
5) control stem guide wear;
6) nozzle nozzle hole wear or carbon deposition;
7) nozzle needle guide wear and so on.
If the inspection found a component failure, you need to replace the corresponding parts.
If the injector returns normal, but the fuel injection volume deviation, you can change the adjustment of the thickness of the way to adjust the fuel injector fuel.
In general, the thicker the armature lift pad, the thinner the valve spring seat pad, the thinner the nozzle spring pad, the shorter the pressure plunger length, the greater the fuel injection of the injector. Otherwise the smaller. And the influence of each regulating member on each point of oil has a good independence.


Second, Bosch piezoelectric injector disassembly points

Piezoelectric injector has only one cap, that is, grease cap. So disassembly and assembly is not complicated.
1, piezoelectric injector disassembly
Loosen the nozzle tightly, remove the grease nozzle, remove the valve sleeve, access the oil valve plate, then remove the control valve spring, control the spool and control the valve seat, and finally remove the hydraulic stem and control diaphragm.

2, piezoelectric injector assembly
1) will control the diaphragm buckle in the hydraulic stem end, pay attention to control the diaphragm cone face towards the piezoelectric generator side;
2) Insert the control diaphragm and the hydraulic stem into the injector body as a whole.

3) Step 2 pre-installed;
4) in turn control the spool and valve spring into the control valve seat, pay attention to control the Common Rail Injector spool head toward the hole. And then buckle the inlet and outlet plate with the control valve seat.

5) will be pre-installed valve components and pre-installed hydraulic valve stem and so on;
6) pre-installed;

7) will be pre-installed nozzle.
8) Note that the narrow side of the sleeve should be towards the end of the control valve, because the narrow side of the sleeve and the valve out of the valve plate together to play the role of sealed fuel.

9) will be pre-installed grease nozzle even buckle in the inlet and outlet valve plate;
10) Tighten the fastening screws. In the pre-tightening process, pay attention to squeeze the ball head by hand, otherwise the needle body groove easily dislocated with the pin to cause improper assembly damage. It is recommended that the tightening torque should not exceed 60 Nm.

Of all the components of the piezo injector, there is only one adjustment pad: the nozzle spring force to adjust the gasket. It can be used to adjust the amount of fuel at the idle point, the more thin the amount of paddle the greater the amount of fuel.

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