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Early use of turbocharged engine

9/13/2017 3:02 PM
Turbine engine with a strong power, fuel-efficient environmental protection, etc., is the popularity of electric vehicles before the most important means of energy-saving emission reduction. Early turbines generally obvious hysteresis phenomenon, life is not long, maintenance costs and other issues. But these early problems are gradually being overcome by new technology. Big life of the turbine Common Rail can be done with the engine with the same life. The following recommendations are mainly aimed at the earlier turbo vehicles, and in recent years the turbine owners basically want to open how to open, do not deliberately take care of it.
     For the old car before driving the appropriate hot car, the previous turbo technology is not advanced enough, really need to idle idle car for 3-5 minutes, so that the oil temperature, to provide sufficient lubrication to the turbine and then travel. Otherwise it will increase the engine wear and reduce life. Turbine engine after a long heavy load operation, the temperature is extremely high, do not immediately turn off the engine, or high load operation of the accumulation of heat will accelerate the aging of the machine, and is likely to damage the engine.

   Turbine in the open after the high temperature, the general use of floating bearings turbine, and the bearing from the engine main engine oil transported over the oil to heat, the oil will fill the gap between the bearing and the rotor shaft, bearing and the gap between the shell, and finally After the cycle of oil back to the oil pan inside. But in the process of a sudden turn off the vehicle will lead to oil left in the bearing, the long run will lead to increased resistance to the turbine, not easy to heat, and finally the direct turbine scrapped and other issues. And now the new car Common Rail Nozzle has a cooling system, each time after a little intense driving parking will fire the tank will hear the fan is still working, so under normal circumstances do not have to heat the heat, you can easily turn off the fire.

   Do not let the engine run at high speed. Because this will cause great pressure on the engine components, so that damage the engine, reducing engine life. In addition, the habit of high-end low-speed driving, the engine, gearbox and ignition system has a relatively large impact, but also produce more coke, for future traffic harmful Do not use fuel that is lower than the official recommended label, which can cause knocking. At present the latest engine, occasionally headstrong should be no serious, but for some of the older engine, the best obediently according to the instructions to. Under normal circumstances, after 8 years, the turbocharger will become unresponsive. It is best not to step on the accelerator pedal, especially when turning. Because the slow turbocharger may suddenly burst, it would be very dangerous. Sudden acceleration may be rushing, exacerbating the danger. The current engine generally has a common rail injection system, which makes the turbocharger Common Rail Injector the reaction speed is relatively more stable. So, if you do not feel the engine becomes dull, do not worry too much.

   If you want to have a good power output, and do not want to pay for large displacement taxes and high fuel costs, then the turbine engine is a wise choice. In recent years, turbocharging technology has been quite mature - but in general, do not recommend yourself to install or modify the turbine. At present, most turbochargers can be used with the engine life, regular maintenance.

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