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Dual-motor full-featured hybrid system

2/3/2018 9:38 AM
Volkswagen, GM, Honda, BMW and BYD, Geely have launched hybrid models, it can be said that the hybrid into the era of contention of a hundred schools of thought, the development of the main trends of the hybrid electric vehicle system. The premise is Common Rail that selective development based on these new energy technologies has an efficient energy management system, especially the hybrid technology that represents the development trend of new energy for small and medium vehicles.

   Hybrid technology requires sophisticated energy management to keep the engine operating at high efficiency for longer periods of time and to efficiently and adequately reclaim energy for deceleration and braking. Hybrid devices include both series and parallel features. The emergence of hybrid power is stored in the battery under low load conditions of energy in the battery, and then released by the motor when the vehicle is running in high load conditions, so as to achieve the engine running in high efficiency conditions as much as possible Reduce fuel consumption, energy saving and emission reduction in mind. For hybrid vehicles, clutches, transmission, transmission shaft, differential are essential, but these components are not only light weight, the structure of the vehicle more complex, while the more parts there is a high failure rate problem. In the hybrid technology from Toyota's hybrid is based on a single row planetary gear, dominate the hybrid vehicle for more than 10 years, Toyota only uses a planetary gear set, the weak hybrid system is the motor and the crankshaft directly connected to the system It also means that pure electric driving is not possible, with the drawback that the engine and the motor can not be guaranteed to work at the same time in the best condition. Honda's hybrid is the 'tandem + engine direct drive' coupled with the clutch, the principle of this mechanism as simple, rude complication, just in the traditional engine and conventional gearbox buried a motor approach certainly is not enough. The common hybrid technology is a collection of the director of the two but relatively complex. It consists of two groups of motors, two planetary gears and three clutch components. Mainly four kinds of power output, pure electric mode (low load conditions), hybrid drive mode (conventional driving), hybrid drive mode (medium and high speed), brake power generation mode (deceleration - brake). Always use two planetary gear, complemented by three clutches. Sounds complicated, in fact, really complicated.

    Recognized as a plug-in hybrid new energy vehicles can be obtained through the grid electric energy charging with high efficiency, low emissions, long mileage and other advantages and become major automotive companies R \u0026 D hot, is considered as the most promising new application Energy vehicles, which can get electricity from the grid charge, although only a little simple change, the traditional hybrid vehicles can only be called energy-saving cars, and plug-in hybrid vehicles can be called new energy vehicles, the reliability of the control of the motor , Power and running accuracy requirements are very high is a dual planetary gear double motor hybrid system, such a variety of work modes, the most direct benefits of fine control, hybrid, range extender, pure electric vehicles, etc. New technology Hybrid technology by increasing the range of hybrid models, making the degree of mixing continue to strengthen. Engine and battery motors have their own advantages, we think of ways to fix the engine at the lowest possible fuel-fired speed, the extra use of battery power when the good use of high-torque output characteristics of the two, the effective combination of the two. To multi-purpose, multi-purpose, light mixing, deep mixing, plug-in, full electric coverage of full-function crossover vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle power system can not do without the double planetary gear train architecture, it has a deceleration, It also has the effect of a clutch that can be achieved with a lock brake. As long as the lock brake is properly used, the integrated automatic gearbox hybrid system offers multiple solutions. In the implementation of electric multi-motor and multi-gear automatic transmission system, the complex structure is changed to simple and the driving mode has multi-purpose. The following try to use electric car multi-motor multi-gear automatic transmission system in the hybrid electric vehicle's power system. The main shaft of the engine is connected with the ring gear of the first stage planetary gear train, the joint of the first stage carrier is connected with the sun gear of the second stage planetary gear train, the MG1 motor / generator is connected with the first Stage planetary gear train, the MG2 motor is coupled with the ring gear in the second stage planetary gear train, and the satellite carrier in the second stage planetary gear train is coupled with the output shaft differential, thereby Composed of dual-motor full-featured hybrid system, in different drive modes to get the following features:

⒈ MG1 motor / generator start the engine and power generation mode

Release S1, S4, lock S2, S3, so that the first-stage planetary gear carrier and the second-stage planetary gear train in the sun gear connected fixed shaft does not rotate, open the MG1 motor / generator , The sun gear rotates to transmit the planetary gear and the planetary gear drives the ring gear to start the engine. After the engine rotates, the MG1 motor / generator can generate electricity and charge the battery. The engine can be set at the optimal speed, the optimal torque and The best fuel economy work.
⒉ MG1 motor / generator, engine hybrid variable speed drive mode

Press the first start the engine, the lock S3, release S4, MG1 motor / generator reverse speed and power generation speed is relatively consistent, the engine is involved in the start, completely to avoid the engine running at low speed range, the engine is maintained At a constant engine speed, the MG1 motor / generator gradually reduces the reverse speed to zero and then forwards. It is transmitted to the output shaft differential drive wheels via a shaft drive or acceleration simultaneously with the engine. The car started, MG1 motor / generator gradually reduced from the reverse speed to zero and then converted into positive and continue to increase speed, which is the process of car acceleration. In less demanding acceleration applications, petrol engines and electric motors work in tandem to provide starting performance comparable to gasoline engines. MG1 motors / generators recover most of these energy during braking and temporarily store them for re-use while accelerating, while achieving superior acceleration performance at high speeds. Thus more efficient use of engine efficiency conditions, to achieve more fuel-efficient purpose.

⒊ MG2 motor, engine hybrid variable speed drive mode

After starting the engine according to the second item, S1, S2, S3 and S4 are all released. The motor / generator reverse rotation speed of MG1 is the same as the speed of power generation. When the engine keeps generating, the MG1 motor / generator reverse rotation speed Gradually reduce to zero that is, S4 lock, when the engine-driven vehicle traveling, MG1 motor / generator reversing speed gradually reduced to zero at the same time, MG2 motor from the static continue to increase speed, the car began to accelerate. Since then, MG2 motors, hybrid engines for motor vehicles. This is a high-speed road conditions, dual-power direct-drive vehicles, you can always work in the best working condition, MG2 motor can recover most of these energy in braking, and temporarily stored for acceleration and then use, no power waste problem.

⒋ strong mixed mode dual-motor multi-speed engine hybrid variable speed drive

Start the engine according to the first paragraph, S1, S2, S4 fully open, continue to lock S3, so that the first stage planetary gear carrier and the second stage planetary gear train connected to the sun gear shaft Fixed does not rotate, cut off the association of two planetary gear train, so that their operation. When MG1 motor / generator reverse speed coincides with the speed of power generation, MG1 motor / generator reverse rotation speed is gradually reduced to zero and then forward rotation at the rotation speed at which the engine keeps generating power. At the same time, MG2 motor also increases from standstill Speed ​​(release S3), the car began to accelerate. Throughout the process, the MG1 motor and the MG2 motor rotate in opposite directions to drive the vehicle to start. When the dual motor and the engine are accelerating rapidly, the motor and the engine can drive the wheels together to achieve the maximum power output. MG1 motor / generator configuration power MG2 motor power is small, and the two have their own appropriate transmission ratio, coupled with the two coupled superposition of transmission ratio, you can have more than one gear, a gear can power Corresponding Common Rail Nozzle to the speed, the motors are used within the speed range of the high-efficiency zone, make the best use of the energy, and recover the energy as much as possible in the high-efficiency zone. The mileage of the cruising line is greatly increased. In this mode dual motor and engine can participate in acceleration together, the acceleration is also the largest, the shortest acceleration time, super acceleration ability strongest, at the same time can reach the maximum speed. With the changes in the external load, so that the motor drive and driving resistance always maintain a balance, thus work in a high efficiency area. The power system is more flexible to adjust the internal combustion engine's power output and motor operation based on operating conditions. Full-featured hybrid technology is still the latest hybrid technology, higher reliability. Electronic control system through torque sensing real-time detection of vehicle driving conditions, to determine whether the engine needs to be involved in driving, to decide whether pure electric drive, hybrid drive or engine direct drive mode to fine manage energy consumption, and is not subject to vehicle Driving speed limit, but also in the high-speed state, bring greater economic improvement, but also get more excellent acceleration performance. Thus more efficient use of engine efficiency conditions, to achieve more fuel-efficient purpose. Is a perfect combination.

5. MG1 motor / generator pure electric drive mode

S2, S4 release, lock S1, S3, by the MG1 motor / generator start, stop, speed, brake feedback power generation, and temporarily stored for acceleration and then use. Power runs in a reasonable gear ratio. MG1 motor / generator configuration power less than MG2 motor power, especially suitable for the road in the city, in the acceleration of the less demanding and light-loaded occasions, more vehicles, more people, slow speed, traffic lights more frequent start and stop Driving on the road.

⒍ Zeng program power generation, MG2 motor pure electric drive mode

For the future development of the program by fate, now from academia to the industry is still controversial. The advent of increased program technology is a supplement to the shortage of new energy vehicles. The focus of controversy is whether the extended range technology is environmentally friendly or not, and whether the extended range technology will lose its existing value as power battery technology advances. It is also worth considering whether to position extended range technology as a transitional technology. If you increase the program as an independent direction, then its development prospects. These issues require technical research and development answer, practical dual-motor multi-range hybrid engine hybrid variable speed drive mode. After starting the engine according to the first item, the MG2 motor continuously increases speed from standstill and the car begins to accelerate. S3 is kept locked, that is, two sets of planetary gear train power separated MG1 motor / generator and MG2 motor drive mutual non-interference, start, stop, speed, the entire driving process driven by the MG2 motor, medium and high speed Use the feedback brake to recover the MG2 motor, charge the battery pack, and temporarily store it for acceleration. Through the control system optimization, you can let the engine work at the best speed, even in the inconvenient charging, traffic congestion in the city is relatively low fuel consumption, you can control the engine noise is very small. In the extended range mode, there is no 'mileage anxiety', and the engine can always control the optimal speed, low fuel consumption, low noise, small vibration can keep the engine in the best condition, good power, low emissions . And the source of electricity is the engine, just to refuel.
7. Double motor multi-speed gearbox electric mode

Consumers who are familiar with pure electric vehicles will understand that the performance of pure electric vehicles is excellent, quiet, economical and performance at low and medium speeds. However, at high speed, the price of pure electric vehicles will become very low. The increase of resistance will make pure electric The car's power consumption increased exponentially. MG1 motor / generator and the second planetary gear train in the star wheel and the output shaft ratio is MG2 motor and the second stage planetary gear train and the output shaft of the gear ratio, MG1 motor / generator MG2 The motors take part in the start and drive in different gear according to different needs. The four states are: MG1 motor / generator reversal and MG2 motor forward rotation, MG1 motor / generator forward rotation, MG2 motor forward rotation, MG1 Motor / generator and electric MG2 machine forward. Can achieve higher transmission efficiency and more gear and a wider transmission ratio, which can reduce the MG motor power and speed levels. Strong climbing, high-speed strong enough. Consumers who are familiar with pure electric vehicles will understand that the motor can output the maximum starting torque at the very beginning. The performance of the pure electric vehicle at medium and low speeds is excellent, quiet, economical and performance. However, when it comes to high-speed, pure electric vehicles The price will become low, with the gradual increase in the speed of the torque is declining trend, the increase of resistance to pure electric vehicle power consumption increased exponentially. In the automotive acceleration or high load conditions, in this system device, MG1 motor / generator and the second planetary gear train and the output shaft gear ratio is MG2 motor and the second planetary gear train Star wheel frame and the output shaft of the transmission ratio, without interrupting the power of the case, the adaptive system with the external load changes, so that the motor drive and driving resistance has always maintained a balance, thus high efficiency. MG1 motor / generator MG2 motor combination can get three gear, each has a corresponding gear ratio, strong climbing, high-speed strong enough. Two motors can work together, the two together have very good power start-up and acceleration performance.

8. Pure engine drive

In the battery power shortage, in order to avoid over-power loss of the battery power threshold, the battery failure rate without motor-driven use of petrol engine on the road cruise mode, at a speed of 40KM / H or more manual gear car drivers know, Arriving at this speed has been pushed to the highest gear. Let the engine direct drive, you can always work in the best mode of operation, there is no problem of power waste. Depending on the speed during braking, the MG1 motor / generator MG2 motor generates power separately or together and temporarily stores it for acceleration. Engine Dual-Motor Multi-Range Hybrid Variable Speed ​​Drive This technology avoids the use of bulky clutches and relatively durable locking brakes, effectively reducing the number and weight of components and reducing the number and timing of future repairs. In the different gear, the eight mode switching travel with the most simple structure, regardless of electrical system, hydraulic control system can be the most simple configuration, a variety of states within the scope of application of the engine, motor, respectively, can work in the efficient area, power The system provides more flexibility Common Rail Injector to adjust the engine's power output and motor operation based on operating conditions. The controller can be used all over the place and control the vehicle according to different needs. The drive system has more expandability after being deeply integrated with intelligent electronic control strategy, and is suitable for various types of hybrid vehicles such as HEV / PHEV / EREV. Is the most needed modern vehicles, 髙 performance hybrid powertrain, is a more perfect combination. If equipped with satellite friction ring CVT is even more powerful.

Engine Dual-motor multi-gear hybrid variable speed drive out of the most comprehensive use of history, the most advanced hybrid technology has been mixed with the Japanese hybrid and universal rival technology rival capital. The strength of this mixed technology, the power to face the face of increasingly stringent various types of emission laws.

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