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Do your own hands-on simple routine maintenance

6/19/2017 8:35 AM
You can do simple daily maintenance, then what simple daily maintenance we can do it yourself, most models of air conditioning filter replacement interval of 1 year, of course, different vehicles under the environment to be adjusted according Common Rail to their own circumstances. In addition to a small number of models due to the installation location lead to self-replacement difficult to think that many models of air conditioning filter can be replaced.

 First of all, we should understand the location of their own models of air conditioning filter, we can use the manual from the vehicle or 4S shop to get the answer, the general vehicle air conditioning filter are in the center console below (left and right). The replacement process is not difficult, nothing is to open the shell will remove the filter and to replace the new, because each car's air conditioning filter location is different, disassembly methods are different, but need to pay attention to some of the vehicle demolition process Common Rail Nozzle to follow Fixed order or need some tools and techniques, we can consult the workers in the maintenance of the master, according to the formal method to go home and try several times.

 Use this method owners can regularly check the accessories, when found that air conditioning filter dirty but has not yet reached the replacement level, you can simply clean, but need to pay attention to is that air conditioning filter should not be washed clean, otherwise the filter is easy to water Soft rotten At the same time to buy new accessories is the need to pay attention to, as far as possible to choose a more formal accessories store to buy, or in order to save a few maintenance money to spend a fake not only a waste of money on the vehicle and car people are a loss.

 And air conditioning filter the same, the air filter replacement interval should be 1 - 1.5 years or so, the specific replacement time to decide according to the degree of pollution, as a better way, the car is not the same. Conditional owners can ask a few times before the maintenance of maintenance master, after one or two exercises can be skilled operation, simple and can save maintenance costs.

 I believe that the replacement of glass water to go to the 4S shop to carry out a few friends, if you are unfortunately in this minority list that should pay attention to this, it is a very easy job, when the glass water Common Rail Injector loss can not be normal spray, buy A glass of water, open the hood, and find a cover (often blue or yellow) marked with glass and water marks on the left.

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