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Method of Controlling Common Rail Fuel Injection Device

Diesel Common Rail Injection System Market to 2022

2/2/2018 5:10 PM  | Author: Henry
In the common rail injection system, fuel is circulated to the injectors from a high pressure accumulator, called rail. This rail is fed by a high pressure fuel pump. The pressure in the rail, as well as the start and end of the signal that activates the injector for each cylinder are electronically controlled. Advantages of these systems include flexibility in controlling both the injection timing and injection rate. Common Rail Injection System Industry enhances the performance of the vehicle by regulating the fuel pressure. It is a technology, designed to supply precise quantity of pressurized fuel into the engine cylinders through injectors. The latest development in the diesel common rail injection system is the invention of ultra-high pressure common rail fuel injector. Owing to its better efficiency and emission reduction capabilities, it stands out compared to conventional systems. Common rail injection systems are electronically controlled, providing scope for adjustment and monitoring. The systems are a world apart from the mechanically timed fuel systems of the past. Common rail diesel engines have a substantial amount of electronic components within the system which allows a wide range of monitoring through sensors, thereby enabling alterations to be made through actuators. Diesel Common Rail Injection System provides various benefits such as reduced fuel consumption and emissions due to multiple injection with very short injection intervals, cost-effective and versatile due to modular design. The system is beneficial for maximum specific engine outputs, closed-loop control of injection volume and timing, high mileage with stable injection volume and Idle stop/start (ISS) and hybrid capability.

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