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5/14/2018 10:26 AM  | Author: Cindy

When constructing a performance engine, it can often be a challenge to track down all of the necessary gaskets to ensure a complete seal, as often there can be running engineering revisions in engine components throughout the years. Thankfully, the folks over at Fel-Pro have made the job simple with dedicated Performance Full Sets of engine gaskets. These kits offer the end-user the opportunity to find the exact parts that are required to seal up a complete engine.

“Essentially, everything we have in the Fel-Pro product line that’s the upper-echelon part goes into this kit,” says Fel-Pro’s Ron Rotunno. “Head gaskets, rubber/steel one-piece oil pan gasket, front and rear crank seals, and more. The whole idea is that if you never want to see any leaks, this is the turnkey solution, and the best of everything we have to offer.”

EngineLabs is assembling a 428ci small-block Ford Windsor project engine based around a Dart SHP engine block with a 4.125-inch bore. Eagle Specialty Products supplied a forged 4.000-inch stroke crankshaft and H-Beam connecting rods to help achieve the displacement. An ATI Performance Products Super Damper quells engine harmonics.

The valve cover gaskets in this kit are comprised of rubber with a steel core and are re-usable.

Oiling is handled by a complete setup from Moroso, and ARP and ProForm have supplied the engine fasteners and other miscellaneous items in the build. Ignition is provided by MSD.

The engine will initially be used as a dyno testbed for a number of camshaft profiles and Crane’s new hydraulic roller lifters; then it goes into a ’65 Mustang for street duty and show cruising.

With the hard parts specified, it was time to turn to engine machining and assembly. In the interest of simplifying the process, the Fel-Pro catalog quickly provided the correct part number — 2816 — for the intended application. The kit comes with a pair of multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets, performance intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and oil pan gasket, water pump gasket, and every other item needed to take an engine from a pile of parts to a completely-sealed, ready-to-run powerplant. Although this project is based on a Ford, Fel-Pro gasket kits are available for numerous applications for a variety of marques in the performance-engine market.

“Head gaskets need to seal the combustion, seal high pressure oil, oil pressure drainback, and coolant. With higher-horsepower engines, you get a lot of cylinder head lift, and when the cylinder is under power it wants to pull the head right off the deck. These are 4-layer hard stainless-steel material gaskets that have embossments in them, and the embossments are what actually seal the application. When the head tries to lift, the gaskets will follow the motion of the head and maintain the surface pressure and contact pressure in those areas to seal the combustion,” says Rotunno.

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