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10/10/2017 9:30 AM
China has been fantasy through the 'market for technology' approach to the introduction of foreign auto parts enterprises and China auto parts independent company joint venture, although it has learned a little management experience and technology, but in the case of foreign companies monopoly core technology, Learn the hand of the sophisticated technology is minimal From its own, this is due to the domestic auto parts enterprises 'scattered, small, poor, slow,' the characteristics of the decision, especially the lack of key core technology, the existence of the existing industrial chain short board, the overall strength of enterprises, upstream and downstream Lack of support, poor brand premium and a series of comprehensive factors dictates.

    Although the scale of China's auto parts industry has been expanding since the reform and opening up, the domestic auto parts enterprises are far lower than those of foreign-funded enterprises, and most of them are homogeneous vicious competition, price competition and enterprise innovation investment, product core competition Weak force. In addition, in addition to R \u0026 D investment less factors, the impact of foreign technical barriers to blockade, the moment some key components are still foreign-funded enterprises Common Rail in the leading supply, or can not install the car. Such as the engine power components, automatic transmission, electrical appliances, electrical systems, general products, fuel supply systems, ignition systems, energy-specific components and some key, sophisticated, high value-added and high-margin parts and components products , Are basically in the blank, are controlled by foreign investment, almost all rely on imports, the core components rely on imports of this real dilemma to the overall automotive industry and parts business profit margins are distorted to a minimum.

    Such as in the light of the car, diesel engine supply chain, by the Japanese Mitsubishi, Isuzu monopoly, Japan's Mitsubishi almost monopolized all can not produce their own engine of the brand's gasoline engine gasoline supply. In addition, almost all of China's pickup, light truck, light passenger diesel engine are purchased from the Isuzu or the use of Isuzu technology production; heavy diesel engine by the United States Cummins company monopoly. Germany Bosch, the United States Delphi, Toyota's Denso's basic monopoly of all China's EFI market share. Chinese consumers will buy a car to the three foreign companies to contribute thousands or million of net profit.

    Cummins has monopolized China's high-end heavy-duty diesel market. Fenmen company, Cummins company to become Xichai, Yuchai, Weichai, heavy truck and other domestic engine enterprises ignition system orders for the recipient. The United States Eaton, Germany ZF two companies almost monopolized China's heavy-duty transmission market. While the Bosch diesel common rail system and post-processing system almost monopolized the Chinese commercial vehicle market. At the same time, the United States Delphi, Visteon (formerly Ford Auto Parts Division), France Faurecia as the representative of the multinational parts giants almost for most domestic passenger car manufacturers to design, manufacture interior and exterior parts Common Rail Nozzle The Toyota Holdings's love letter company is almost exclusive and monopoly of China's passenger cars and some commercial vehicle market half of the country.

    Especially in recent years, in the country's large-scale toxic haze weather is becoming increasingly serious circumstances, under the pressure of environmental protection and energy and emission regulations, China's fuel limit and emission regulations more stringent requirements. In order to meet the country four, five countries and soon to implement the six national emission standards, product upgrades forcing commercial vehicles to go high-end line, and high-end not only reflected in the engine and other key components, but also need other parts with it Match. Therefore, leading to the gradual progress of products to the high-end independent commercial vehicle brand more and more began to support foreign 'high, large, fine, fine' parts, resulting in the vast majority of China's commercial vehicles using diesel engine high-pressure pump, a total of Rail and post-processing system on the purchase of Bosch or Delphi are the solution. Due to the current stage of product technology upgrade forged commercial vehicles high-end, Cummins, Bosch, mainland, Weibo Ke, Schaeffler, Eaton, Hui Men, Honeywell, Valeo, Johnson and other foreign parts suppliers in China The pace of development are outperforming Chinese enterprises.

    Obviously, the so-called new normal high-end trend of China's automobile gradually approaching, foreign parts enterprises look forward to the new market shape has been highlighted, which is their invasion of China's commercial vehicle market a good time. Whether the Chinese auto and auto parts market competition how tragic, how to decline in profit margins, lurking behind the monopoly of foreign investors will be laughing and collecting profits. China's domestic car company more and more like the computer city of the assembly store, as long as the 'integration of the global car repair resources', will be able to save a vehicle.

    This shows that the current key components of China's auto parts market competition has been concentrated in the foreign parts and components between enterprises, industrial technology hollow, independent Common Rail Shim brands and parts companies are basically hollow, and began to gradually ruthless To marginalize. China's auto industry has become a trend of foreign overseas processing plants.

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