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Chery will become China's first NVIDIA driving technology car dealer

1/19/2018 10:54 AM
NVIDIA said on Tuesday that Chery will deploy NVIDIA's autonomous driving technology Common Rail in its automotive products in the future, which means Chery will be the first Chinese carmaker to adopt NVIDIA technology. NVIDIA autopilot technology from Nvidia, Baidu, Germany's ZF Joint Development Company.

  Jen-Hsun Huang, chief executive of NVIDIA, said last week that Chinese Internet search company Baidu and German car maker ZF have chosen NVIDIA's Nvidia Drive system as their computing platform for developing autonomous vehicles in China. NVIDIA has partnered with Tesla and other companies in the field of autonomous vehicles. As a traditional PC graphics chip maker, NVIDIA has been expanding its presence in new technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

  On Tuesday, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the United States announced Tuesday that it will produce Level 3 autonomous driving cars in the future and will be powered by ZAI's ProAI platform, which uses its own intelligent drive system that uses NVIDIA GPU products. Before announcing the partnership, NVIDIA announced at CES this year that it will further cooperate with ZF and Baidu in the future. At the same time, Baidu also made an important contribution to the development of the ZF ProAI platform. As one of China's largest automobile manufacturers, Chery uses Common Rail Injector Valve the ProAI platform and sees it as a partner, which not only ensures that Level 3 products truly enter the market, but also ensures that Chery provides end products at a relatively reasonable price. Chery usually packs technology products into its low-cost cars. Based on the above reports, Chery's autonomous driving car programs seem to be proceeding step by step. Some carmakers and critics have expressed concern about Level 3 autonomous vehicles, which still require drivers to control the vehicle manually. The concern stems from the fact that it may cause the driver to over-rely on the autopilot function of the car so that the driver is absent-minded and fails to do manual driving when the system requires manual control.

   As of now, Chery has not yet set a timetable for bringing auto-driving vehicles powered by ZF to market, so it can Common Rail Injector Valve be expected that there will still be a large amount of work to be done by all parties concerned to ensure technology maturity and road safety do.

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