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8/11/2017 8:33 AM
Chengdu Ying Ming electric business as a market leader in the automotive market, after the car market technology research and development on a lot of technical reserves, i car mirror is the introduction of a new product. In recent years, the rapid development of automotive electronics industry, the initial single function of the traffic recorder, GPS navigator, electronic dog (radar radar) and so on can not meet the needs of users of technological change. And integrated driving recorder, navigator, and so on in Common Rail one of the functions of intelligent cloud system, has become the mainstream of the car after the market. At present, including 360, Patriot, Newman and other enterprises have launched a variety of intelligent cloud mirror products, the market has been filled with hundreds of intelligent cloud system.

  Committed to the automotive market and automotive data mining Chengdu Eagle Electric, after several years of efforts to integrate industry resources to build a new intelligent cloud cloud system. Among them, the five major resources, including i car i life platform, Beidou navigation, cloud know sound, high German map, all Chi chip. I car life is Chengdu Ying Ming electric business over the years to build a new platform for building a new car. After hundreds of millions of dollars of continuous investment, i car life has become a powerful domestic car life online platform, and eagle Ming electric business under the line platform to form an organic combination. Through the i car i live APP, car users can complete a series of online operations: online booking service, pick up the car service, road rescue, illegal inquiries and other functions. With the introduction of i-car clouds, i will be able to make this platform to further enrich the function, and in the mobile Internet constitute the car network to achieve extension and expansion. Where the 'but I stop' can prompt the parking risk data, so that the owner of the parking spaces to find parking worries; private steward system, will promptly remind the owner of car insurance, annual review, maintenance reminders, car network era of intimate butler; Then embodies the car network era of 'simple' style, a key for help, a key shuttle, a key to drive, a key to get to save a lot of cumbersome procedures. Beidou navigation is also gradually in the high-end intelligent cloud mirror products have been used, Beidou positioning services have been able to achieve the sub-meter level or even centimeter level positioning accuracy. I car cloud mirror to take the Beidou plus GPS dual-mode search star mode, so that car navigation accuracy is higher.

  Gaode map and i car cloud mirror also achieved the perfect combination. Loaded on the i car cloud on the map of the high German map is high map car version 2.X, this version of the use of Alibaba large data, to achieve a personalized search, personalized planning, navigation personalized, personalized personalized information services And other functions. XX is a kind of immersive voice interaction, can achieve the overall integration, full scene, road query, depth information, active service and other multi-mode interactive scenes, especially active service Common Rail Injector Valve is subversive innovation. When the owner starts the vehicle, the system will take the initiative to ask the owner where to go, according to the owner of the voice answer, the system automatically planning the optimal route, without the owner manual operation, to achieve real car interaction. In addition, the car version 2.X can achieve traffic events visualization, so that traffic more three-dimensional.

  Yun Zhi Sheng is a professional network of artificial intelligence services company, the use of machine learning platform, in the voice technology, language technology, knowledge computing, large data analysis and other fields to establish a leading core technology system, and together constitute a complete cloud Artificial Intelligence Technology. At the application level, AI core, AIUI, AIService three solutions to support the cloud from the sound core technology and landing. Has been in the home, automotive, medical and educational fields are widely used to form a complete 'cloud core' ecological closed-loop. I car clouds into the clouds know the top artificial intelligence technology, which has become intelligent cloud mirror products in the most artificial intelligence products. After carrying the cloud AIOS @ Car system, the driving scene can achieve one-stop full voice interaction, through the cloud, end, core integrated artificial intelligence services, to achieve a happy driving, the liberation of both hands.

  All Chi chip is to solve the previous generation of intelligent cloud mirror products in high power consumption, fever pain point. All-technology is the leading intelligent application processor SoC and intelligent analog chip design manufacturers, used in i car cloud mirror all-chip dual eight-core 2k core -v66, with dual eight-core performance, quad-core power consumption. All-chip chip also uses the graphics recognition technology to support ADAS safe driving support and other functions. Through the test, the daytime car detection rate is greater than 85%, daytime lane detection rate of about 80%, daytime false alarm rate of less than 1%, daytime deviation false alarm rate of less than 1%; night performance than Common Rail Injector the previous generation of intelligent cloud ADAS system is to enhance the 50%, night lane detection rate of more than 60%, at night before the car detection rate of more than 70%, night off the false alarm rate of less than 2%, night collision false alarm rate of less than 2%.

  The perfect combination of five resources, so i car clouds full of magic. Including i car mirror with both before and after the dual function, to achieve the industry's strongest driving recorder specifications; voiceprint recognition, moving eyes and other functions.

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