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Method of Controlling Common Rail Fuel Injection Device

Bosch diesel common rail system maintenance process

8/12/2017 11:22 AM
Common rail EFI system injector easy to damage, and EFI system maintenance technicians and maintenance of the environmental requirements are relatively high, resulting in a lot Common Rail of maintenance point maintenance simply do not fly, the owner often need to repeat the maintenance, affecting attendance, to Many owners have brought great losses.
    Check the appearance of the first visual injector to see if the parts are complete, the injector assembly has not been disintegrated, the shell is seriously worn. And then use a multimeter for electromagnetic valve tissue test, the multimeter two table pen were lap in the solenoid valve on both terminals to see if connected. First remove the O-ring, gasket, and then plug the oil hole to prevent the phosphorus-containing water into the nozzle, corrosion nozzle, and then use the appropriate cleaning agent and soft brush to clean the surface, because the nozzle is smaller than the hair , So should not use the wire brush, otherwise it will damage the nozzle. In order to thoroughly clean the injector, hand washing after the need to use 70 degrees without phosphorous cleaning agent, ultrasonic immersion for 20 minutes. Followed by rapid detection to determine the injector leakage, oil return and the amount of fuel injection to meet the requirements. As the standard pressure of the nozzle about 1600 atmospheric pressure, in the test must pay attention to cover the instrument protective cover, beware of accidents.

  The fuel injector vertical fixed in the demolition of the compression device, remove the nozzle, and then remove the solenoid valve, pay attention to the terminal installation direction, the best appropriate to mark; then the valve tightening screws, valve components, high pressure seals in turn removed. Remove the parts, first clean, use 70 degrees detergent, ultrasonic immersion 15 minutes. After the completion Common Rail Nozzle of the cleaning, the first need to assess the parts, for the assessment of substandard parts, you must replace the original parts. Remove the fuel injector repair kit from the warehouse, open the package, remove the parts to be replaced, and then soaked with clean diesel. All parts to be assembled must be cleaned by clean compressed air and enter the assembly shop through a clean passage.

  In the use of advanced dust-free wall and air evolution of the workshop, the use of assembly adjustment tool set, in accordance with the assembly process, select the appropriate adjustment pad, the injector mechanical structure to adjust to the specification requirements. Use Bosch to detect whether the hydraulic performance of the injector meets the factory requirements. Operation of the test bench staff must participate in the corresponding Bosch training, and qualified. After the test is completed, the entire repair process is over. Then the test machine delivered to the customer. Qualified injectors must meet the following criteria: the appearance of no damage, the internal wear parts have been replaced, the mechanical structure Common Rail Injector of the precise adjustment, through the compliance with the factory specifications of the hydraulic test. Maintenance of good injectors to be multi-layer packaging, keep clean. Finally, also need to repair a good fuel injector test machine, no problem can be delivered to customers.

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