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Bo Yue's intelligent system

7/14/2017 8:34 AM
Bo Yue is equipped with Kodak's intelligent voice interactive system, and that is, Bo far more than the same level of sound insulation and comfort, and finally is based on 'security identification circle' concept to build intelligent security system. On the basis of the in-vehicle network, the B-G-Netlink system can download songs, query the weather Common Rail of the next city and the latest daily news and other Internet functions. Beyond's G-Netlink system built-in section of the intelligent voice interactive system; with the small companion angel north of the accent, it can accurately identify and feedback, this feeling is like in a foreign country met the same friends. Car music, navigation, traffic, weather, stock, air tickets, road rescue, looking for the surrounding food, gas stations and other operations can achieve voice control. So that the companion of small partners are eager to molested Bo Yue, 'Hello, Bo Yue' come and go, endless. In addition, in the car phone, Bo Yue will be loudspeakers and pickup placed in the back seat, call quality is well protected.

   Bo Yue's top models, equipped with a 1.8T engine and DSI 6 gear-driven gearbox power combination. And the common turbocharged engine is different, this 1.8T engine tuning more biased, the gearbox is also inclined to economic ride comfort in the actual driving, the power output is very smooth. And Bo Yue really with the same level of opponents pull away from the steering, chassis and NVH sound on the tuning. Bo Yue this set of electric steering system Common Rail Injector Valve has a good turn to the feedback, in the steering of the power and resistance can feel the engineers fine tuning. After more than 1,000 kilometers of high-speed, urban roads and other road after the trek, the performance of the chassis is impressive, solid, calm, comfortable, even in the face of pebbles like the road, it will not make people feel loose Collapsed; like a rubber band, was stretched tight but still have a good elasticity. And affect the driving texture of another element NVH sound insulation, which is Bingge to give Bo more points to the place; both on the noise or vibration of the deal, the performance of Bo Yue are comparable to the mainstream 200,000 yuan joint venture SUV.

   Based on the design concept of 'safety identification circle', the company will protect the safety of the vehicle from the aspects of driving safety, auxiliary driving system, information assist and safety warning, take the initiative to avoid safe and passive collision safety. In addition to take the initiative to avoid safe configuration, information access and security early warning system is also included in the security category. The ACC intelligent adaptive cruise system, which can detect jammed vehicles and adjust the distance earlier, reduces the LDW active yaw warning system, which reduces Common Rail Injector the risk of car accidents due to driver's fatigue and distractions, helping the driver to monitor the 360 ​​° Follow-up 3D panoramic images, etc., can assist the driver to deal with a variety of sudden traffic conditions, improve the driving safety factor, the formation of stealth protection ring. In the ACC adaptive cruise, LDW active yaw warning and 360 ° panoramic images and other security systems, a profound experience of the Geely 'security circle' of the repairer concept.

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