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Automotive technology hot spot standing in the industry

1/17/2018 4:12 PM
IDT has a strong interactive system of man-machine voice, which is turning point for automatic driving opportunity. IFC flies deeper than Common Rail most autonomous driving and combines 'understanding the environment' with 'understanding people.'

   Behind the rapid development of autonomous vehicles, can not do without a series of data and software platform support. It is on this basis that the two centuries-old industries of communications and automobile manufacturing are beginning to be closely linked. Unicom, Wang Xin, general manager of network technology will be introduced at the forum site exponential growth of 5G advanced road to clear ideas and planning to meet the outbreak of networked vehicles. As a key part of autopilot, laser radar has become one of the most crucial technologies in this CES, and the LIDAR is evolving in the direction of smaller size, lower cost, production in the lookout and more intelligent perception. Zhang Keshu, a researcher at the Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will elaborate on this kind of laser radar technology and provide the technical basis for automatic driving.

   Roland Berger quarterly assessed the status quo of the auto industry and the process of disruptive change in the top ten countries in the world through 25 of the five dimensions of consumer preferences, laws and regulations, and infrastructure. He believes that in the next decade or so, travel services , Autopilot, digitization and electrification of the four major trends in the automotive industry will lead to major disruptive changes. Dr. Ye Liang, Roland Berger Executive Director, will also come to the forum to hear about his new ideas and analysis of unmanned scene applications. Shanghai Automotive City Intelligent Network Alliance demonstration area is Common Rail Injector Valve to lead China's intelligent network of automotive advanced technology research and development, product verification and display release window, standard research and development and testing certification base, as well as intelligent network of automobile industry incubation base, talent Highland, industry and capital Gathering place Chen Hailin, executive assistant of Shanghai Automotive City (Group), will introduce us to the construction and operation of Intelligent Network Alliance demonstration zone at the forum.

  Intelligent network of cars is energy saving and traffic travel solutions. Intelligent network of cars will help to optimize the transportation system, building an intelligent era. Xing Min Zhitong COO Zhang Renjie will be presented at the Global Autopilot Forum on how to build an intelligent car network intelligence transportation system. 2018 Global Automated Driving Forum will Common Rail Injector be held in Wuhan Optics Valley from January 25 to January 26 as a forum for cooperation and innovation in automotive smart innovation. This forum has attracted the opinions of leaders, industry experts, leaders of innovative enterprises, science and technology entrepreneurs, Innovators and others have participated in them!

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