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2/1/2018 2:58 PM
As a multi-billion-dollar market, the automobile market has long attracted a large number of Internet platforms. Not only has this round of capital raising continue to make the post-development automobile market boil, but everyone is optimistic about the upcoming transformation Common Rail of the Internet With the remodeling of the car after the market, the instant it has been severely pumped by the reality of a slap in the face, a large number of Internet companies have crashed out, only a small number of platforms cautious and difficult to survive. Capital into the winter. Market a wail.

  The first question, there is no clear market positioning. O2O service is not difficult to do at the beginning, it is not easy to do well, and it is even harder to keep going after it is done. What kind of service do you face with your business, what kind of service are you facing? In O2O maintenance, the difference in site-to-shop service scenarios is great, and the technical and human requirements The difference is great, but most companies present homogeneity and low-end, no mature and consistent service standards, can not provide consumers with a good service experience. At this point, one hand has done a very good job, focused on the board spray service, there is a clear positioning, and service standardization and specialization.

  The second problem, burning burn mode is not sustainable, blind expansion will actually accelerate the death. For example, I did not offend the meaning, e car wash from last year to the first half of this year is still relatively fire, the layout is very fast, get a guest high efficiency. However, this is based on burning money. Apart from burning money, there is generally no sustainable business Common Rail Nozzle model for management, offline services and the brand itself. The demand under the subsidy is a fake demand, and the user retention rate on the subsidy is very low. As soon as subsidies ceased, the company was in immediate trouble.

Three directions is to do a good job after the car market should be considered:

The first, specialized vertical service. Take maintenance, jet, change hub, change the oil is not difficult, then the characteristics of the startup company where, expertise where, need to be considered.

The second, we need intensive work, accordingly make a good reputation and experience. Aftermarket is indeed a great market, but not easy to do. I personally prefer a more intensive project, which is a key factor that will stand out in the automotive startup marketplace in the future.

Third, build a solid foundation for the line, online and offline integration, can not be neglected.

Aftermarket As a still developing market, the industry standards and norms have not been perfected. If the internet platform wants to survive in the automotive market, it must work steadily and intensively. Car suits help Zhengzhou car suits technology limited liability company's one-stop car aftermarket service platform. Car owners can help through the car platform online Common Rail Injector order consumption, terminal store service experience. Car uniform to help owners provide booking services, car wash beauty, maintenance, technicians online, illegal inquiries, roadside assistance, huge benefits auto insurance and other services. At the same time, car suits also provide stores with store advertising, customer diversion, free store management system, technician training and other services.

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