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Method of Controlling Common Rail Fuel Injection Device

Advanced technology for diesel vehicles

2/1/2018 10:50 AM  | Author: Henry
THE driving motivation behind common rail diesel technology (CRDe) is the adherence to ever-increasing emission regulations while maintaining the drivability and low combustion noise characteristics of petrol-driven engines, and the superior fuel economy of the diesel engine. Indian automobile industries have taken up these challenging tasks in quick time to fulfill the Euro 3 (Bharat 3) emission norms. Mahindra has already launched Scorpio CRDe with help from MICO Bosch and plans to offer this model to major cosmopolitan cities very soon. Delphi-TVS has earmarked a substantial investment to create a new facility for the CRDe to meet the growing demand in the car segment. While signing the agreement with Tata Motors for supply of CR fuel injection systems, the Tata group Chairman, Mr Ratan Tata, extolled the `Think Big' attitude of Indian auto industries, which are poised to make India self-reliant and an active global player. What makes the CRDe so attractive? In the common rail fuel system, all the injectors are supplied by a common fuel supply line or a manifold (reservoir), called the common rail, where the fuel is charged by a high-pressure pump to 1800 atmospheres, depending on engine operating conditions and boost pressure.

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