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Method of Controlling Common Rail Fuel Injection Device


Common Rail Direct Injection – CRDi Technology Working Explained
1/22/2018 11:05 AM  |  Cindy
Most modern engine's fuel systems use an advanced technology known as CRDi or Common Rail Direct Injection. Both petrol end diesel engines use a common 'fuel-rail' which supplies the fuel to injectors. However, in diesel engines, manufacturers refer to this technology as CRDi whereas Petrol engines term it as Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) or Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI). Both these technologies have a similarity in design since they consist of “fuel-rail” which supplies fuel to injectors. However, they considerably differ from each other on parameters such as pressure & type of fuel used. view more»
1/19/2018 11:41 AM  |  Cindy
Given the complexity of the steps involved, several areas can be prone to failure, but often due to a single simple problem: contaminants. As Todd Emmert, machine shop manager for Scheid Diesel, points out, the problem usually boils down to three key words: “Fuel, fuel and fuel.” He’s not kidding here. Aside from debris and particulates, “There’s too much emulsified water in it.” view more»
Unit Injector System (UIS)
1/17/2018 3:05 PM  |  Cindy
The Unit Injector System (UIS) has been in the market since 1994. The system combines the injection nozzle and the high-pressure pump in a single assembly. One such Unit Injector is fitted in the head of each engine cylinder. The high pressure is built up by the activation of the pump plunger of the Unit Injector by the engine camshaft via a tappet or rocker arm. view more»