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Method of Controlling Common Rail Fuel Injection Device


Delphi to discuss next-generation direct injection at SIA Congress
5/30/2018 11:50 AM  |  Cindy
At the SIA (French Automotive Engineers Society) Congress in Rouen, France this week, Delphi will be presenting information on its latest-generation direct fuel injection and control systems for diesel engines. Delphi produces both electromagnetic servo injectors and the more advanced piezo-electric injectors. For the latest editions of both systems, Delphi has bumped the maximum operating pressures from the 2,000 BAR level that has been used in the last few years up to 2,400 BAR (34,800 psi). These higher pressure injectors allow for even greater delivery precision and better atomization of the fuel. view more»
Cummins Common Rail Fuel System
5/28/2018 10:12 AM  |  Cindy
The Cummins common rail fuel system is a good system, in fact the number one cause of fuel system failure isn’t the system, it is contaminated fuel. Many people do not even get to 50k miles before they have a problem caused by fuel contamination. A single tank of contaminated fuel can and often does cause catastrophic and expensive fuel system failure! This is compounded by the fact that the filtration system on these trucks is sadly inadequate. The new trucks have 3 micron filters but the older trucks have 10 micron fuel filters and the injectors see abrasion at 4 micron. We suggest replacing your fuel filter each and every oil change and we also suggest fueling up at Truck Stops where fuel is turning fast and not getting a chance to pick up water from condensation in the tanks. view more»
Unit injector
5/25/2018 4:37 PM  |  Cindy
Unit injector (UI) is an integrated direct fuel injection system for diesel engines, combining the injector nozzle and the injection pump in a single component. The plunger pump used is usually driven by a shared camshaft. In a unit injector, the device is usually lubricated and cooled by the fuel itself. view more»
5/23/2018 11:46 AM  |  Cindy
Although there are many kinds of diesel fuel injectors, common rail injectors are becoming increasingly popular at our shop. They’re more complex and sophisticated than mechanical injectors, and naturally, require a different testing process. view more»
High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system
5/21/2018 10:09 AM  |  Cindy
A highly efficient fuel injection system is essential for the clean operation of a diesel engine. HPCR is an advanced fuel injection design that better regulates fuel pressure and injection timing. It is already used extensively on Doosan’s high output engines and its Engine Control Unit (ECU) technology is instrumental in meeting Stage IIIB and Stage IV demands. view more»
5/18/2018 11:24 AM  |  Cindy
THE "COMMON RAIL" RPM Range 0-3200, Max Stock Torque- 610 ft/lbs @ 1,600 rpm See our Common Rail Conversion Information article for more detailed information. The 2003 – 2006 24-Valve engines are excellent engines. view more»
Information for Conversions using the Common Rail Cummins Engine
5/16/2018 2:53 PM  |  Cindy
Common rail engines installed in these pickups must use the same mounts as the 12 and 24 valve engines do. This being the case the ECM must be relocated so the mount can be installed in the front group of mounting holes, or the mount may be used in the back group of the mount holes on the block if provisions for the mount are made on the truck's frame. '67-'79 trucks should not be too much of an issue since the mount rests on the top of the frame rail anyway. The '80-'97 trucks, however will need some sort of a perch welded to the cross member to accomplish this. view more»
Fel-Pro Simplifies Engine Sealing With Dedicated Gasket Kits
5/14/2018 10:26 AM  |  Cindy
When constructing a performance engine, it can often be a challenge to track down all of the necessary gaskets to ensure a complete seal, as often there can be running engineering revisions in engine components throughout the years. Thankfully, the folks over at Fel-Pro have made the job simple with dedicated Performance Full Sets of engine gaskets. These kits offer the end-user the opportunity to find the exact parts that are required to seal up a complete engine. view more»
5/11/2018 3:01 PM  |  Cindy
Common rail diesels add sophisticated electronic components and controls to the simplicity of the original diesel engine design. Servicing these modern engines requires an understanding of how they work, plus the proper tools. view more»
Symptoms and Causes of Common Rail Injector Failure
5/9/2018 3:49 PM  |  Cindy
Two of the most common questions we get from customers are “Why did my injectors fail?” and “What can I do to avoid it?” In over 40 years of diesel combustion research, Baileys has seen, repaired and prevented just about every cause of injector failure, and in this post we have compiled some of the most common symptoms, causes and ways to prevent the premature replacement of your common rail injectors. While most of this post directly addresses the injectors BDG manufactures and sells, the info will be relevant to all common rail diesel vehicles. view more»