Reasons for Damage To The Needle Parts of Diesel Injectors

  1. The diesel oil is not clean, causing the needle valve to accelerate the wear and closing. The gas turbulence caused by the high pressure combustion of the combustion chamber causes the needle valve fitting to ablate.
  2. Improper cleaning, use of unclean cleaning fluid or improper cleaning.
  3. The installation is not correct. The gasket at the lower end of the injector is a copper pad. The gasket is not flat or deformed, which causes air leakage, which not only affects the power but also causes the injector to be stuck due to high temperature.
  4. The injector has poor heat dissipation, and it is overloaded for a long time, or the oil supply time is too early or too late. The diesel combustion does not completely produce carbon deposits, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the injector.
      1. Select qualified diesel oil, and the diesel filter should be replaced regularly.
      2. Clean the diesel oil when cleaning. The container filled with diesel oil should be clean. Be careful when cleaning. The light movement should not damage the needle valve.
     3. When installing, first clean the carbon deposit of the injector. The sealing copper piece has unevenness or scratches to be replaced. When locking the screw, both sides should be locked at the same time, the strength should be consistent; when installing the high-pressure oil pipe, clean the joint parts. Prevent metal debris from entering.
     4. Diesel engine should pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance, and should not be overloaded for a long time.

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