What Is The Problem of Insufficient Fuel Injector Pressure?

One: The steering wheel is not in a deadlock state. The solution is simple. Just force the steering wheel and turn the key. Generally, the steering wheel lock can be unlocked quickly. The ignition is an instant event.
Two: Isn’t the gear returned to the P position when parking? Think about the fact that if the D or R gear can ignite, the ignition of the vehicle at the moment of ignition is undoubtedly a huge safety hazard. Therefore, for automatic vehicles Common Rail Injector Nozzle DLLA118P2203 (AT, CVT, AMT), the manufacturer will preset this mode, and repeatedly tell in the manual: ensure that the gear is in the P position when ignition.
Three: One-click start sometimes encounters the trouble of losing the smart key. The key is in the car, but the meter always displays ‘key matching error’. This situation is likely to be a smart key loss, the startup system does not sense the key. The weak wave of electricity. It is then recommended to pick up the smart key and put it on the start button, then press the button to start.
Four: Check if the battery has electricity. Failure to catch fire may be due to loss of electricity caused by long-term headlights or the expiration of battery life. Generally, the battery is replaced in time according to the maintenance manual.
Five: See if there is oil. If the oil meter shows that it is below the red line, it will not catch fire. Also pay attention to the quality of the oi Common Rail Injector Nozzle DLLA152P1768 l. Once the car owner had disassembled the car, he found that there was water and mud in the fuel tank. With such oil, it is impossible to drive the car.
Six: no antifreeze
Some owners add water or inferior antifreeze to the car. As a result, the winter is particularly cold, causing the entire waterway to be frozen and the engine to be cracked, causing the car’s water pump to fail to operate, failing to catch fire and injuring other parts of the engine Common Rail Nozzle CP0722651735


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