How to Adjust the Fuel Injector of Diesel Vehicles

Injector checker adjustment pressure use method:
Before using the detector, check whether it is fixed firmly. The working environment should be clean. The detector should be wiped clean especially at the joint of the injector. Then add No. 0 light diesel oil that has been precipitated for more than 48 hours. It is forbidden to use unqualified diesel.

  1. Injector assembly opening pressure test
    Place the tee in the middle of the bracket, turn the screw on the bracket, screw the high-pressure oil pipe, fix the injector assembly, check the sealing of the installation, press the pressure rod to enter the pump oil, and look at the pressure gauge, the needle The highest value indicated is the opening pressure of the injector. For the fixed injector of the unusable bracket, the screw plug on the right side can be unscrewed, and the injector assembly can be fixed before testing. If the opening pressure exceeds the specified pressure range, the pressure regulator spring of the injector should be adjusted until it meets the requirements.
  2. Injector assembly injection angle. After the injector opening pressure is adjusted, the spray angle test can be carried out. Place a piece of white paper or a piece of buttered iron wire cloth at the H distance below the injector assembly, and then pump the oil several times. When you clearly see an oil-filled circle or a circle on the wire cloth that is punched into an empty space, measure the distance H from the injector assembly to the wire cloth (or white paper) and the diameter D of the circle, and calculate the spray according to the following formula. Oil spray angle a.
    Tg a/2=2H
  3. Atomization test:
    Press the pressure rod to spray the injector, observe the spray atomization of the injector assembly. The spray oil particles should be small and uniform, and there is no oil flow that can be seen by the naked eye. After the injection, the injector has no oil drop. Legacy or dripping.
    Fourth, maintenance
  4. The test oil must be No. 0 light diesel oil or test oil that has been sunk for 48 hours. It should be filtered with silk cloth when refueling.
    2, should be wiped clean before use, should be put on the protective cover after use.
  5. When turning the screw to fix the injector assembly, do not use too much force on the screw to avoid burning the wire.
  6. The calibration pressure gauge should be inspected periodically (half a year).
  7. When the fuel is not refueled, the pressure rod cannot be pressed to avoid damage to the plunger.

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