What If The Diesel Car Filled Gasoline?

The car filled the wrong oil are the common sense mistakes that the master who drives the car should not commit, but sometimes go to the gas station, because the owner did not inform in advance, there is a situation in which the staff added the wrong oil to the car. What if I accidentally add gasoline to the diesel car? Once this happens, how should the car owner handle it?
First of all, if the diesel car is filled with gasoline, we have to judge according to the amount of gasoline added. If the proportion of gasoline added is not large, we can do nothing; but if the ratio is large, it must be timely. The ground will be treated, otherwise the car will be damaged to a certain extent.
Diesel cars with gasoline should pay attention to it. Remember not to pour oil.
Usually, the treatment is to quickly pour out the mixed oil in the mailbox and clean it in time. However, this kind of treatment is divided into occasions. For example, if it is in a gas station, it will never allow the oil to be poured out, because a slight negligence may cause a fire.
If this happens in the gas station, the owner should immediately call the vehicle maintenance department to deal with the car, and you can’t start the car yourself, because in this case, if the car is blocked, the damage to the car will be particularly great; It is not in a place like a gas station. The owner can dump all the oil mixed in the fuel tank by himself, and then use the diesel to clean all the parts of the fuel tank. After cleaning, add diesel to restart.
Some people will ask, if you don’t know how to add gasoline to your diesel car? At this time, the owner needs to judge for himself. If the car is in the period after the oil is added, there will be noise when the car has no power and the engine is running. For larger problems, after excluding the interference of other factors, it should be considered whether it is caused by the wrong oil. If the judgment is caused by the wrong oil, do not start the car at this time. Call the professional maintenance personnel in time to repair the car, and minimize the wear and tear on the car.
“What if the diesel car adds gasoline?” For this question, I believe that as a car owner, you should understand it. If you can’t panic like this, calm down and then deal with it in time.

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