How to Clean Diesel Injectors?

As we all know, carbon deposits have a lot of impact on the performance of the engine. If carbon deposits are generated at the nozzle of the injector, the fuel atomization will be poor, resulting in increased fuel consumption, reduced power, and poor exhaust emissions. The carbon deposit in the combustion chamber will cause a shock, the intake and exhaust resistance will increase, and the engine will overheat. Causes insufficient power, unstable idle speed, poor starting, and poor exhaust. If the car shows this phenomenon, it means the injector 0445110291 should be cleaned.

The cleaning method of the diesel fuel injector 0445110313 is summarized as follows;

  1. First extinguish the engine, confirm that the car is in the brake state, open the fuel tank cap to reduce the oil pressure of the oil circuit.
  2. Add the cleaning agent to the bottle, tighten the cylinder, and close the ball valve of the bottle and the return pipe.
  3. Disassemble the oil supply pipe and return pipe of the low pressure oil pump of the engine, and find out that the corresponding special joints are respectively connected to the engine oil supply pipe and the oil return pipe.

4.Injector0445110317 Open the sling bottle outlet pipe valve. When the sling bottle outlet pipe is full and the joint has liquid, immediately close the outlet pipe red shank valve.

  1. Connect the sling bottle outlet pipe joint to the engine low pressure oil pump oil supply pipe joint, open the liquid outlet pipe valve, and observe whether there is any leakage at each joint.
  2. Connect the drop bottle return pipe joint to the engine oil return pipe joint. Open the slinger return pipe red handle valve F00RJ02697.
  3. Start the engine and let the engine stabilize at 1000-1200 rpm for cleaning.
  4. Pay attention to the condition of the cleaning liquid in the outlet pipe of the hanging bottle during the cleaning process. Turn off the engine immediately when the cleaning fluid in the outlet begins to empty. Then close the bottle outlet and return pipe valve.
  5. Disassemble the connection between the bottle and the engine, restore the engine supply and return pipe connection, start the engine, confirm that the oil pipe is leak-free, and the engine runs smoothly to finish the cleaning.

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