What is a PLV?

If you are a home owner, or if you are building a home then you may have heard the term PLV or pressure limiting valve 095420-0260 being used by your plumbing. What exactly is a pressure limiting valve? You are told to have one, but why do you need it?

A pressure limiting valve is a valve that limits the pressure of the substance travelling through it. In plumbing terms that substance is water. So why would you want to limit water Pressure?

Installing a PLV 095420-0670 at your water meter is the smart decision.

In your home (within your walls, in your roof or under your flooring) are pipes that carry water. They transport water from outside your property through your home to places like the kitchen, bathroom, ensuite, toilet and laundry. At the end of those pipes are taps or tap cocks which when closed stop the water flowing. When all the taps are turned off in your home, and there is nowhere for the water to go this creates a closed system.

In a home with no PLV 8-97318691-0 installed, the pressure within that closed system us at the mercy of your water supply. The pressure of your water supply is set by your local authority, and they will always set that pressure 6C1Q9H321AB to meet the needs of the community they service.

So no restriction on the pressure of water coming in to your property then puts stress on the closed system in your home. When the taps, or tap cocks are open to allow operation of those fittings or appliances, then those items become at the mercy of your municipal plumbing supply.

The majority of manufacturers will have pressure limits for the safe use of their fittings or appliances, but if your water supply is at the mercy of Sydney Water then you have no way of protecting your devised in your home. Even taps and shower heads with have recommended operating levels. And appliance manufacturers may void warranties if your device is connected to a system where the pressure is too high. The only way for you to control these pressure levels is to install a PLV 8-98032549-0 at your water meter, which will then control the water pressure on your property.

To have a pressure limiting valve installed, or if you have one which you need tested then call a qualified and licensed plumber to do the job for you, Ask yourself the question – is it really worth the risk of not having one?

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