The Future of Diesel Fuel

The Future of Diesel Fuel

When it comes to industry and commuters, diesel is the fuel of choice and one that is becoming more popular than ever. Many companies from Holden to Hyundai now produce a broad range of diesel vehicles; so many that we are actually spoilt for choice. The price for diesel has been steadily declining since the start of the year, not to mention fuel companies such as Shell and BP also offering both regular and premium diesel alternatives.

Diesel engines are known for getting great mileage, generally being 20-30 percent more fuel efficient than their unleaded counterparts. It also doesn’t hurt that diesel vehicles and 4×4’s have a higher resale value in the second hand market. Back in its early days, diesel engines weren’t typically known for their outstanding performance, but as the technology has evolved, along with the widespread use of turbocharging, we are now able to get enough torque to outperform and out tow petrol vehicles.

Although there is a lot of talk about electric cars being the way of the future, they aren’t particularly known for their affordability, and with many models having a limited travel range, it can be hard finding a charging station as they are few and far between. So for those who like to go off the grid or don’t live in a central city location, these aren’t exactly the best choice.

With the fluctuating cost (and emotions) that is the fuel price rollercoaster, and the longevity and efficiency of diesel engines, it is easy to see why more People are leaning towards the favourable fuel for their commuting duties.


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